The Curious Case of the Painter Maceda and the Ghost Galley


The artist’s exhibition of Castellón, invited to exhibit in Las Ventas by Miguel Abelón, was believed to have been sold in two hours to Anto Gallery The New Art Concept, a gallery that does not exist

Inauguration of Entoet RoomZabala de la Cernas

castellon painter Carlos Gamez Meseda He has been one of the privileged performers to be able to perform from May 13 to 20 at Las Ventas in the center of San Isidro after a two-year hiatus, with already apparently resounding success. Maseda, according to his website, is a Spanish artist who “began his career in 2005 and since then his fans have only grown. His highly expressive style, street art and mastery of drawing are his best allies. One ardent fan drawings, there are already many familiar (and anonymous) faces that have colonized the canvas”.

in bullfighting painting without antecedents His appearance at Las Ventas, invited by the Center for Bullfighting Affairs (CAT), was not a surprise—pleasant to the long list of artists waiting to appear in these two years—except for a portrait by Jose Tomas (2015) . To stop the epidemic.

Paloma Velard expected the performance. “It has caught the attention of many. One is no longer amazed at anything. It’s all too rare. I’m not that. I didn’t know the man at all. The rumor is behind it.” It looks like a montage. Very strange things are happening at the Center for Bullfighting Affairs, but I also don’t want to harm the community of Madrid,” says Velarde.

Miguel Abellan, Managing Director of the Center, Maceda’s existence is reported through journalist David Casas, who is responsible for a master’s degree in bullfighting journalism funded by CAT, who also sponsors Casas’ gatherings. [El otro San Isidro] during the fair. So the artist from Castellón set foot in Las Ventas for the first time with a collection of 16 paintings by José Tomas, Manzanares or Abelón that would be the icing on the cake of the curious mess.

Miguel Abellón and David Casas present Maceda with a limited appearance at the Sala Antot on May 13 at 12:30 am. ,fourteen or fifteen peopleincluding the painter, his wife, four friends and some children”, alluding to some eyewitness sources. Abelen and Kaas give the opening speech. It is also powerfully striking that Maceda get permission to paint in the yard Saint Isidore’s Day.

Before the date, the news that he publishes on David Cass’s Instagram mailchip From Fatima Dez (, who is his ex-wife: “Maseda closed the purchase of the entire collection two hours after the sale in Madrid.”

The press release read: “Lucky people are Investment Group ANTO Gallery The New Art Concept, specializing in art and which has closed purchases of the Castellon-born artist’s pieces with the aim of investing in the creator and promoting his name even more. The exhibition, which can be viewed until 20 May, is sponsored by the Community of Madrid and, in particular, by Miguel Abelón, director-manager of the Center for Bullfighting Affairs.

Instagram account of the alleged gallery
The alleged gallery’s Instagram account was created on the day the news was released

The ANTO Gallery The New Art Concept Instagram account was created on the same day the news was released. According to EL Mundo, the gallery is just a website. ,A virtual gallery that doesn’t even have a physical address No contact telephone numbers, all posts made in one day, where only illustrator Maseda himself appears as the sole artist”, according to the anonymous complaint that kept the newspaper on the montage’s track. Date added, May 16 and 18. And already. 25 publications. All from Maceda.

Various means come into the story. TVE, COPE, EL MUNDO Victoria Collantes from Movistar’s thematic channel in her Castellon version, Canal Toros…, naively interviews Maseda at noon on May 15 who paints proudly in the drag yard And recognizes the great success of the exhibition, the mass sale “in 120 minutes” in the alleged gallery.

Today ANTO Gallery Website Gallery The New Art Concept No response, Kaida: “Something is happening!”

Maseda woman giving a painting of Abel
Maseda woman distributing abalone paintings

At the end of the exhibitions in Las Ventas promoted by CAT, the artist sometimes, not always, They usually donate a deed to the community of Madrid. To the Bullfighting Museum. Such was the case of Alfonso Rey, who donated a small statue to the museum when Carlos Abela was the manager of the Center for Bullfighting Affairs. “But then, in 2018, no,” Ray explains.

Of the 16 paintings by Maseda de Manolet, El Juli, José Tomes or Morante, This was a portrait of Miguel Abellini A memorial was given to the museum.

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