The Day Minister Albers Didn’t Arrive at the Biden Summit


Biden pledged 645 million to ease the migration crisis on the day Albers postponed his visit to the summit as conflict with Algeria worsened.

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Everything was planned so that the landing would take place Spanish Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albers, will contribute to the main stake of America At a summit fueled by political and diplomatic battles around the excommunication of three dictators. IX. in various forums America’s summit it is believed that madrid Central American will accept a quota of refugees who have been baptized Los Angeles Declaration About travel.

However, the worsening of the crisis with Algeria led to the postponement of the visit at the last minute in what are becoming increasingly complicated days for Albers, who was tormented by the press this Wednesday of the suspension of the friendship treaty between Spain and Algeria. got to know. A suspension that came into force overnight with the unilateral stoppage of foreign trade between the two countries.

And when the EU called for talks and demanded that Algeria restore trade with Spain, Nicolas Maduro Meeting with the President of Algeria Abdelmadjid Tebboune, And both reaffirmed that “we must obtain a referendum on the self-determination of the Shar”.

At the same time, in Los Angeles, the Continental Conference proceeded to sign the treaty, with the aim of reducing the huge wave of migrants who arrive every day with the intention of crossing the southern border. Ro Bravo / Ro Grande At any cost, even of his life. The condition is for “safe and orderly” emigration.

Washington Prepares 645 million aid to address a migrant influx that is not only made up of Mexicans and Central Americans. Cubans, Venezuelans and Colombians have also launched themselves in search of a better life. Over the next few hours, details of the plan will be known as “irregular migration that is unacceptable”, as the US President has emphasized.

“The challenges are beyond anything anyone has seen before. Countries of origin, countries of transit and countries of destination come together to assume a shared responsibility,” said the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken.

Most notably, there are four basic steps in this process. (Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala) Los Angeles has boycotted the summit, with none of its presidents accepting a Democratic presidential invitation. the first two in solidarity with the three dictatorships and for their differences with the other two white House, Which has punished the authoritarian qualities of their governments.

Biden insisted during the first day of leaders’ speeches that his vision was “light years away” from his predecessor. Donald Trump, Joe even went so far as to bet on the construction of a wall that would separate his country from Mexico.

Right from the south of the Aztec country, at least 5,000 migrants, Venezuelans and Central Americans, continue their trek.

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