The day the working class betrayed itself


‘Return to Realms’ by Jean-Gabriel Prét documents the memory of the oppressed on the autobiographical text of the thinker Didier Aribon. The film is both intimate and clear evidence of the responsibility of the Left in the rise of the extreme right.

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  • dash Our Defeat by Jean Gabriel Preet.

In classical evolutionary theory, suicide is a problem. is not less. Natural selection, wrote Darwin, acts exclusively for and for each creature. And yet – and with the same entanglement with which we follow altruism (what sacrifices for the other and, therefore, as a driving force for action, to perpetuate the principle of existence?) – we commit suicide. Let’s just say that same eternal contradictory numbness runs through the recently released documentary ‘Return to rims’of Jean-Gabriel Preet.

The film, selected for the Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes, traces the history of the French working class from the end of World War II to the present day. And he does so with disbelief and fear to see how, at a certain point, Le Pen’s National Front became a substitute for many of the neighboring country’s underprivileged, a “”inexplicable‘suicide’ The Thinker Didier Eribon Watch how his mother shamefully confesses her intention to vote for the extreme right in front of her”, remarked the director.

To establish itself, the film shows, with images from the time, fragments from older films and anonymous documents in a never-before-seen, autobiographical novel of the same title by the aforementioned philosopher Eribon. What emerges is a mural that spans two centuries and which, in the director’s words, gives voice and face to the oppressed. It reconfigures everyone’s imagination with unprecedented brilliance, French or not. and Indians. If in your previous job, ‘Our defeat’ The director invited a group of teenagers from TODAY to reconsider the revolts of the spring of 68 through cinema, now the idea is to create an image of the 50s, but from below, from the shadows, from the untold, voices of the voiceless From. And it has to do with a direct and very exciting appeal to the memory of all reconstructed from fragments of a shared imaginary.

But far from more or less hacked spades,’Return to Reims’ It implements itself in a critical and candid essay as well as intimate and deeply emotionally. “Sometimes we fall into minimalism. We see the yellow vest and there intellectuals go on to brand them as fascists because anger dominates the strategy, as it is not very well known how to explain the dissatisfaction, pain or lack of perspective from a welfare society Who has left at work,” says Preet almost angrily.

His film is meant to understand the confession of Aribonne’s mother. In fact, and with the actress Adle Haenel Replacing the original voice style, if anything is necessary, Preet’s job is to point out every single wound that has always been punished: the double oppression of women for the simple fact of being one. And so, a record is made of not only every humiliation and every victory achieved by the oppressed, but also that Every single one of resignation, oblivion and simple betrayal of the political parties that represent him.

Images of the Communist Party supporting the argumentlepenista‘Against immigration or the meticulous detail of each return’Government’ Hesitating gestures, incomprehensible concessions, or just losing the fight are just two examples in a tight tapestry of unresolved questions by Mitterrand.

And out of those powders, there is mud in the legislative elections right now. “The election chaos that France is experiencing has been going on for a long time”, says Preet without daring to give more clues. And he concludes: Leftists renounced anything globally changing and thinking, and this helped to disrupt the simple and false discourses adopted by those who felt abandoned. from here, return to reims Effectively, proposes a new critical and essentially intelligible reading against the impending and always incomprehensible suicide.

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