The deputy warden of the Alabama prison and the inmate she eloped with planned a shootout when caught


The Vanderburgh County Sheriff assured that Vicky White intended to launch a shootout with officers if he was arrested, but swift police action prevented this.

Casey White and Vicky White.
Casey White and Vicky White.AP
  • America Dangerous Prisoner Escape Ends With Alabama Jail’s Deputy Director: He, Arrested and He, Dead
  • America Alabama jail deputy warden absconding with dangerous prisoner

Police arrested in Indiana last Monday Casey WhiteThe dreaded prisoner who escaped from an Alabama prison with the Deputy Director of Atonement, Vicky WhiteJoe died on the day of his arrest after shooting himself before being arrested.

The couple is believed to have had an emotional affair and according to media such as the BBC, Vanderburgh County Sheriff, Dave Wedding, assured in a press conference yesterday that, if the couple had an escape plan, it was flawed.

Following his arrest, Casey White was subjected to a lengthy interrogation and told investigators, according to Medium, that both he and Vicky White, who had been on the run from justice for more than 10 days, thought “they had enough did drive”, they wanted to stop to think about the next location, but the people in the area of ​​Evansville I searched for them.

It was last Wednesday when a municipal car wash employee informed police that a truck had been parked in its parking lot for several days and after analyzing surveillance video, Casey White could be seen. A few days later, a Cadillac they also walked in appeared in a motel parking lot and the former jailer could be seen in a wig. Finally, after days of surveillance, the police launched a chase that ended with the collision of the vehicle in which they were both traveling, which fell into a ditch.

Inside, according to the BBC, several weapons, wigs and $29,000 in cash were found and, according to the wedding, “rapid” police action “probably saved lives” as the investigation revealed that the fugitive “planned to engage in the gunfight”. was a “law-making body.” Wedding assured that they were able to learn these details after questioning Casey White.

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