The driver who fatally crushed two septuagenarians in Sanchinaro did not have a license and was tested positive for alcohol.


He has already been arrested along with the co-pilot on charges of negligent murder.

Emergency services next to the crashed car.
Emergency services next to the crashed emergency

The driver and co-pilot of the car, which this Sunday fatally ran over two women aged 79 and 72, Avenida Ingeniro Emilio Herrera, in the neighborhood of Sanchinaro, Madrid, has been arrested. Arrested,

The victims were in the middle at number 5 when a vehicle crossed them and hit both of them. as a result of the effect Two women were displaced 10 and 20 meters respectively.

The Judicial Traffic Police of the city police is investigating the cause. The driver and passenger have been arrested. Apparently the run over may be due to insufficient speed of the vehicle and lack of skill. driver who does not have a driving license,

simultaneously, A breath analyzer test was done and it came out positive.The driver had to be transferred to a health centre, where he is currently guarded by agents of the Judicial Traffic Police Unit, due to an anxiety crisis not being able to do a second contrast.

are examined for their commission a reckless murder This resulted in two deaths, driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages and driving without a licence.

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