The economic conditions of male and female selection are the same


RFEF makes an agreement on premium and image rights for girls for the next five years. Pretty, hurt for short for the euro.

Luis Rubiales and Captain Irene Paredes have the document of agreement.
Luis Rubiales and Captain Irene Paredes have the document of agreement.pablo garciaRFEF

Minutes after England’s painful loss to European beautiful jenny (ligament sprain in his right knee), forward and one of the team’s captains, the RFEF announced a landmark settlement at the City of Football in Las Rojas, which equalizes economic conditions between the men’s and women’s soccer teams. An agreement for the next five years that would include two World Cups, two European Championships and the Olympic Games.

What is included in this agreement? For example, that the player of choice ceases to diet and in return, as is the case with masculine, will have an advance of premium. That aspect, that premium, and everything that surrounds its operations from now on, was explained by louis rubiales, Chairman of RFEF. “The money that comes in is less than for boys and we have introduced a reformer with positive discrimination, and percentage-wise they benefit more than boys. We want the distances to go down. Coming to RFEF For every euro that is spent, women’s football will be spent more than men’s football”, he argued.

It also represents a radical change in image rights. Men’s team footballers were compensated, but this was not present in the women’s section. “We saw that had to be phased out. This amount has improved from this year and retroactively to 20%, reaching 70% in 2027,” Rubiales said.

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And, finally, after that signing, all players will have a percentage of the sponsorship coming from now on. In addition, conditions have been improved for travel and concentration, something they will experience during their impending adventure at the European Championships in England (6-31 July).

Luis Rubiales and Captain Irene Paredes signed the agreement.
Luis Rubiales and Captain Irene Paredes signed the agreement.pablo garciaRFEF

“This is an important agreement for those players and for those who are to come. We wanted to achieve better conditions for the players and the RFEF is predetermined. This agreement is going to lay the foundation for moving forward”, he confirmed. Of. Amanda GutierrezFrom the FUTPRO union.

“It is a historic day after an excellent agreement,” completed Captain Irene Paredes, in charge of signing the document with Luis Rubiales still digesting the remarkable loss of his partner, Jenny Hermoso. A big step for women’s football.

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