The electoral board leaves Teresa Rodriguez’s party without funding for the campaign and a seat in the debate.


Adelante Andaluca appealed the ruling as it is considered to inherit the rights of the parliamentary group.

Teresa Rodro
Teresa Rodriguez, last week, in an intervention before the media.World
  • 19J Left-wing chaos threatens to leave Teresa Rodriguez without a seat in election debate

Andalusian electoral board Adelante Andaluca has been informed of its exclusion from public funding for parties and coalitions participating in the elections to the Andalusian Parliament on 19 June, as well as its absence from electoral places in the public media.

The information, advanced by the newspaper.S Andaluca and confirmed by Europa Press, known to the parties, is the communication of the ruling, which, according to sources in Adelante Andaluca, will appeal to the Andalusian election board.

Sources in this electoral coalition, which brings together the Anticapitalist, Primavera Andalucá, Izquierda Andalucá and Defend Andalucá parties, have stated that their claim for proportional financing, which, in their opinion, corresponds to the original parliamentary group of Adelante Andalucá. That is, the Sangam of Izquierda Unida y Podemos Andalucia for the 2018 elections, “was proceeding to claim the right to all resources that we believe are consistent with Adelante Andaluca”.

As regards the amount of proportional financing, which, according to sources in this coalition state, would correspond to “half a million (euro)”, the original group’s total funding was never requested, noting that “a The part will be left for United.” In any case” and maintain that “a very small and fairly proportionate share was wanted”.

Adelante Andaluca states that “we did not intend to use them”, as a result of the financing, to indicate that “the Adelante Andaluca campaign is going to be quite difficult”.

“IU and Podemos have stated that they are exclusively the successors of the coalition and this has influenced the decision of the electoral board,” he argued with Adelante Andaluca about the supervisory body’s declaration of the legality of the electoral process.

veto in public place

These sources from the Electoral Coalition indicate, “We are more concerned about vetoes in public places, despite receiving invitations from all the media, for which they regret the announcement of the Andalusian Election Board as they argue that”. It is quite unreasonable to assume that neither Theresa Rodriguez Nor is the adelant representative of that place”.

Sources in Adelante Andaluca appealed to Vox for a comparative complaint in the region, with Vox’s recognition that “it is very symbolic that the electoral board itself gave those rights to Macarena Olona despite having cheated her with her registration.”

The Andalusian Parliament Board agreed in February 2021 to review the funding of the parliamentary group, which ran in the 2018 elections as Adelante Andaluca and after 2019 the schism was renamed United We Can for Andaluca, while Teresa Rodriguez and related representatives came. To appear as an assigned deputy, without group, without the Andalusian parliament.

The then group Adelante Andaluca lost 881,964.72 euros on funding, which it planned to receive from allocation expenses for the operation of the groups established in the budget of the Andalusian Parliament in 2021, which is 52.94% less than the initial amount.

The Parliament Board reviewed Adelante Andaluca’s annual allocation, which was €783,969.12, 881,964.72 euros lower than the 1,665,933.84 euros estimated in the parliament’s budget for this year.

This review of parliamentary funding was based on scholarship experienced in the group as a result of a letter submitted in November 2019 by the group’s spokesperson, spotless grandsonBefore the Board of Parliament to request the expulsion of a group of 9 MPs headed by Teresa Rodriguez and related to her.

According to data published in October 2020 by Parliament on the income statement of each group, Adelante Andaluca received 1,688,325.42 euros in 2019. Adelante Andaluca Received 17 minute reps In the Andalusian elections of December 2, 2018.

Parliament claimed in 2021 that the allocated amount responds “to a strictly proportional distribution based on the number of members at the time of approval of the budget project by the Board of the Andalusian Parliament”.

“Later, with effect from November 19, 2020, which is now of interest, there has been a change in the number of deputies who are part of the Andalusian Adelante parliamentary group,” the Parliament Board explained in its resolution. ,

The funding of parliamentary groups is included in Article 25.1 of the Regulations of the Parliament of Andalusia, which seeks to “offer and entrust sufficient premises and material means, to their budget, to subsidies necessary to cover their operating expenses”. talks about.

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