The eternal ‘no future’ of the Sex Pistols returns before a legal battle


Miniseries arrives on US and British platforms Pistol, Directed by Danny Boyle and preceded by a court battle between feudal members of the legendary gang

Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious and Steve Jones at a concert in December 1977.
Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious and Steve Jones at a concert in December 1977.Getty Images
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Inflation was rising in the exosphere and chaos was running wild. London was a swamp of garbagePeople went on strike. From classism to unemployment, all social evils joined hands in 1977, coinciding with the celebration of Elizabeth II’s silver jubilee and with the shouting of the four hooligans known as the Sex Pistols….

“God save the queen / The fascist regime / They fool you / Potential H-bomb / God save the queen / She’s not human / And England’s dreams have no future.”

he launched One 25,000 copies were destroyed within days and days before Buckingham Palace. he earned the national curse Anti-monarchy. By, He was declared public enemy number one. He attempted to sing it on a barge called Queen Elizabeth on the Thames, but was stopped at landfall.

the song was originally meant to be called No futurebut the promoter Malcolm McLaren He went for the more outspoken and aggressive title. Guitarist Steve Jones said that when the original song came into his hands, which had been conceived by bassist Glen Matlock, it was more like love me (Matlock was expelled because he liked the Beatles and the instrument, which was given to the unlucky Sid Vicious).

The powerful voice of drummer Paul Cook and the group’s rotten soul Johnny Rotten contributed to the explosive final touches. “Castigd a los punks!”, on the cover titled The Sun. but God Save the Queen It reached number two on the sales chart. Although a hidden hand kept them from reaching number one, so as not to offend Rod Stewart or Elizabeth II…

“God save the queen / We mean this man / We love our queen / God save her / God save the queen / Because tourists are money / And our figure / Ain’t what she looks like. “

now you can Tune, at the time of Platinum Jubilee and twice. Reissued on 27 May God Save the Queen, along with 1,977 collectors’ vinyl copies of the original A&M edition and over 4,000 of the Virgin edition. And as a climax, on May 31, the mini-series arrives on American and British platforms. PistolDirected by Danny Boyle and preceded by a court battle between opposing members of the legendary gang.

“Imagine shouting at the world of a group of outcasts Crown o d Downton Abbey“Recalls Boyle, who was in his 20s when the sex pistol roared, though he always It was more of The Clash, “It was the explosion point of street culture in the British Isles. Young people went on stage and expressed their fury there: everyone listened to them. Some were afraid of them, others imitated them.”

Danny Boyle fires Steve Jones and Paul Cook, the founders of the band, which began as beach You the swankers, until the possible arrival of John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten), with whom they have been fighting for a long time. Rotten boycotted the miniseries and wanted to prevent the group’s music from being used, but eventually lost the battle in court.

“The Rotten Group’s genius was, the man who everything changed, a cultural landmark in our country,” admits Danny Boyle. “I always admired him and never pretended he liked the series. Besides, I want him to keep attacking her. That’s what you’ve done all your life. Why change your habits? If the series was about her, it would have gotten out of hand. That’s why I liked Steve Jones’s memoir, Entering Through a Side Door”.

“It is not true that we turned our backs on Johnny: we tried to reach him, but didn’t seem interested To look back,” says Jones, who claims he has been sober and heroin-free for more than 30 years. The miniseries examines whether he hides Jones’ addiction. Sid Viciouswhich doubled in the end group signing the group’s death with an album for American Nancy Spungen and Legend, The Bolks don’t mind.

“The series is a fairy tale, a middle class fantasy,” says Johnny Rotten, much of his line. “My bandmates are dead wood. None of them would have made a career out of them if it weren’t for me… God Save the QueenIt was nothing more than a provocation, we did not intend it to declare civil war, although there were people who attacked us with knives and iron bars”.

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