The European Public Prosecutor Investigates a Former CDC Official for Ivan Redondo’s Declaration About the Distribution of Next Generation Funds


He quotes David Madd and a businessman to explain the conversation that took place after the European Union learned of the distribution of 140,000 million

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  • Courts The European Public Prosecutor investigates whether there was an offense in Ivan Redondo’s declaration about the distribution of EU funds

In late September 2020, while Pedro Sánchez’s then former Chief of Staff was in La Moncloa, Ivan Redondo held a telephone meeting with some 60 Catalan businessmen from the Fomente del Trebol Employers Association, including its president Josep Sánchez Libre. Among them was David Madd, the former head of Convergnasia, as he is a businessman, and who is being investigated in the ‘Woloh case’ for allegedly holding ‘ordinary employees’ of independence protests following a Supreme Court ruling for treason. to do. Financing of Carles Puigdemont in Belgium.

At this meeting, Redondo reported on the “July European Council Agreement on the European Funding Program” as well as the government’s measures for economic recovery after the coronavirus pandemic. A few days after the meeting, David Mad spoke with a director of the RSM Spain consultancy in which he referred to the meeting as a business opportunity for companies interested in receiving aid from European funds in exchange for commissions. Was there to give advice.

This conversation was captured by the investigators of the ‘Woloh Case’ and in it Mads explains that “the business, I believe, is a prudent fee to help them present the project” and adds that “You What is to be done is to set up a channel to enter the Just Case… Me… I myself… into the Foment… I am part of the Foment”. Here he recalled the details of his meeting with Sanchez’s former chief of staff: “We had a meeting with Ivan Redondo, in a small committee, right? And he explained to us there … that a Black Tea Party. … it is 140,000 million euros”.

Barcelona’s Investigative Court No. 1 held that after hearing the conversation there might have been alleged offenses of public money and money laundering and for this reason it was referred to the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, a decision supported by the Barcelona Court. After opening an investigation a few weeks ago, the European Public Prosecutor’s Office has called for Madd and the executive to testify as accused next July.

According to this medium, it is intended to investigate whether the offense of “subsidy fraud is provided for and punished by Article 308 of the Criminal Code, as the information received shows that there is a relationship between David Madd” and his interlocutor. Negotiation “which mentions that the amount to be distributed was one hundred and forty billion, and it may refer to European funds for the recovery, the next generation of the EU, which has been approved by the European Council on June 21, 2020” .

According to the researchers, when the Foment meeting was held, the amount of European aid going to Spain was unknown. In its order dismissing Mad’s appeal, the Barcelona Court considers that David Mad’s participation was “the alleged commission of illegal acts relating to political-economic corruption, which, among others, and in particular may be for alleged subsidy fraud. Along with others under investigation”. In this sense, he believes that former CDC officials “may have agreed with their negotiators to obtain European subsidies with fraudulent intent.” Now the time has come for the European Public Prosecutor to investigate.

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