The European Public Prosecutor investigates several COVID contracts in the Community of Madrid


The European Public Prosecutor’s Office begins a process to investigate the award through the emergency processing of seven contracts for the supply of medical equipment to companies that were allegedly not engaged in the said sector.

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european public prosecutor has agreed to investigate a complaint of United we can Regarding government award Isabelle Diaz Ayuso Feather community of madrid of many companies contracts to combat the pandemic COVID-19 In 2020 which will be financed with European funds.

In two decrees, the European Public Prosecutor’s Office launched a process to investigate the award. emergency processing of Seven Health Goods Supply Contract For companies that were reportedly not involved in that sector: from four Air Global Media About 10 million euros and three to . for Win Door 24K For 7.7 million euros.

According to the prosecutor’s office, at the moment and in the absence of investigative procedures, the complaints show “signs of possible fraud related to contract financed by european funds“, which may constitute an offense Danger! For the EU budget and fraud.

The origin of the affected wealth – he maintains – determines the competition in favor of european public prosecutorwhich will now focus on verifying the facts condemned and specifying a “probable indication” of the commission of criminal acts, “the outline of which appears unclear at this time, without elements not yet available that would be the specific charge of one.” determine the (…) person.”

A company dedicated to the marketing of sparkling wine

According to the complaint, the government community of madrid Three contracts awarded to the company between March and April 2020 Wine Door 24K“Allegedly Dedicated to the commercialization of sparkling wine to which gold particles are added” Before it changed its corporate objective.

Were health supplies contract For the field hospital established at IFEMA €7.7 million,

United We Can condemn that the company will increase its business by €4.4 million in 2021 due to the award of supplying antigen tests, and that it will receive “Unconscious” Gains,

If proven, all this, the prosecutor’s office says, is “an artificial increase in price that could harm European funds”, although it does not exclude that part of the payment corresponding to transportation costs.

Doubts on commission sharing

The European Public Prosecutor will also investigate the award given to the company. Air Global MediaThrough the emergency process for four contracts, possibly dedicated to radio broadcasting 10,060,500 Euro between April and June 2020,

According to the complaint, the company would have increased its turnover by almost fifty times. during alarm conditionand could try to hide the distribution of profits received.

United We Can also denounced that it could have been used as a subsidiary to obtain emergency contracts, an operation which they suspect, concealed the distribution of millionaire’s commissions and supplied material. May be aimed at hiding an artificial increase in price. All contracts were condemned, the contracting authority being the Madrid Health Service (SERMAS).

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