The Federation is studying the condemnation of Javier Tebas after some audio in which he encourages Rubiales to “charge”.


The war continues between the president of the RFEF and the president of the league, who accused Rubiales of sending “false whistleblowers” to a meeting this morning to ask “how he reacted.”

Rubials and Tebas, in a file image.
Rubials and Tebas, in a file image.World
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Luis Rubials and Javier Tebas continue this Tuesday with the eternal war between the two main football organizations in Spain, the Federation and the League. This Tuesday it was the league’s president’s turn, after the publication of multiple audios opened an investigation into the RFEF’s president that could have compromised his future as head of Spanish football.

According to some audio that had access to ‘Ok Dario’, Tebas would have assured that “you have to kill” Rubiales and Spanish Olympic Committee president Alejandro Blanco is “an element to kill” because “he is the one who is saving my ass”. to the President of the RFEF.

Following publication of the audio’s contents, Tebas accused Rubiales of sending a “false whistleblower” to a meeting in which he would “appear with one of his recorder pens to record how he reacted to his complaints. ” In addition, he denounces the Federation president’s “obsession” to “spy and record everyone”. “It doesn’t stop and has no limits,” he concluded.

This Tuesday afternoon, the federation issued a statement announcing that its legal department is “studying the information to address all potentially relevant legal actions”, and again accusing Tebas of “conspiracy in a conspiracy”. imposed where it is about apprehending or advising federal employees” with the aim of killing Rubiales and Alejandro Blanco”.

Finally, and within the framework of Spain’s candidacy to organize the 2030 World Cup, the supreme body of Spanish football “expresses its deep concern about the relevance and importance of these statements.” “The RFEF would like to calmly tell all football agents that now is the time for unity and for working together with our minds to build together the present and future of Spanish football.”

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