The First Reformation of the Sela Law Textbook: “Mathematics Against Sexism” Will Be “Mathematics for Equality”


An editorial revises itself in the midst of Ayuso’s offensive to remove “ideological weight” from the manual. The text will also glorify masculinity

segunda version
Second edition of the controversial mathematics textbook for the first year of undergraduate.EM
  • education Ayuso appealed the level course to the Supreme Court for its “lack of material” and “high ideological weight”.
  • education Murcia rebels against the government and does not use Sela law textbooks in many courses.

curriculum development of sela law Teachers need to teach all subjects with a “gender perspective”. The letter’s order has been followed by an editorial, which has now been called for self-revision and partly offensive to his textbook in the face of criticism received on social networks and review by Madrid president Isabel Daz Ayusso. has been forced. Refine the “ideological burden” of school textbooks of the new educational law. Corrected is the first year manual of lessons Level who declaredmathematics Against sexism” in which everything good about this discipline was described as “dull”, “simple”, and “boring”.

In its first edition, the book of Applied Mathematics I Tullibro Publishing House stated that mathematics, “as its own style of what makes us comfortable, removes masculinity and inequality”. It bolded feminine objects and associated feminine with “provocative”. “How repulsive petroleum derivatives give me! But how derivatives make me shudder with joy! How tasteless is wholemeal bread! But how delicious is wholemeal? (…) What can a product do when it encounters a force? Second it is faster to write, more precise and more stimulating. How boring is the exercise and how stimulating the Mathematical Olympiad is.”

Now the writers have polished off all aspects that could generate controversy – they have been accused of defending “unbearable feminism” – and, in the loop of political correctness within early political correctness, they have changed attitudes. Have given. There is no longer “Mathematics against sexism” but “Mathematics for equality”. The conflict between the genders is now presented in the form of inclusion. A paragraph has been added that says: “Mathematics is that wonderful country in which the masculine and the feminine coexist in harmony, complementing each other and enriching each other.”

Also men’s articles have now been included in bold. Discipline still “removes masculinity and inequality” but the part that was previously said “as its own gender makes us comfortable” has been eliminated. As masculine positive aspects, theorems, polynomials, triangles, concepts are now included … formerly, only operations, matrices, derivatives … to which positive values ​​were attributed because of the appreciation of their morphological gender. . Woman.

But now it is changing. If it was said earlier: “Can one imagine a polynomial without an unknown?”, it is now expressed: “Can one imagine an unknown without a polynomial?” I mean, just the other way around.

Primera Verse
The first edition of the math book from TuLibro Publishing House.EM

This newspaper contacted a writer on Saturday, Margarita Iglesias Roger, who is also the head of the mathematics department IES Ramon Muntaner de Xirivella (Valencia), “It is a pity that critics have not been able to appreciate Page’s light-hearted and slightly humorous tone, the underlying intention of showing mathematics as a field in which the masculine and the feminine coexist in harmony, with each other. complement and enrich each other”, he explained, adding: “We believe that perhaps we have not managed to express this point of view and that the text may give rise to other interpretations. For this reason, if any If you feel offended, we take this opportunity to apologise.”

church and Fernando Marcus, co-authors, asked the publisher to “correct everything that caused inconvenience and thus did not lead to unintended interpretations.” The publisher sent a book to EL Mundo to verify that “no academic material has been cut” and that the role of women in this scientific field is not “exaggerated”. “We don’t even use inclusive language,” Iglesias excused himself. After reviewing the book, it is found that no material has been cut and that many references to female mathematicians appear, but not as many as in other copies from other publishers. The most important thing is the rectified epigraph.

Bruno J. garkaThe editors of Tulibro, also explains: “After a new reading of the text, we have recognized that it is possible that when using a metaphor to explain the analogy, we have not resorted to appropriate examples and words, And it’s heading towards an interpretation we weren’t looking for with the original text”. He argues that the new term “better closes the meaning” which he “with metaphor and does not lead to the illusion of the object of equality” which he seeks to convey “between men and women”.

The person in charge of this publishing house says, “We are sorry that we could not communicate our original idea with proper words and some kind of controversy has arisen.” an economic cost. The revised version will be available for students from September.

The editors are going to inform the math departments of the educational centers and they have also contacted the government community of madridDespite the fact that the book is intended, in principle, for students Valencian Community, But Ayuso has led protests against the government’s new curriculum and the way they are being represented in textbooks. he has brought before Supreme court Announced a special scheme for graduate study plan and autonomous educational oversight so that they can review manuals after reaching the educational centres. It will also eliminate sexuality related material from its infant curriculum development.

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