The Fitness Method That Will Leave You Coming to KO Madrid: Boxing, Martial Arts, Bootcamp and Yoga in a Single Session


“Train for Your Happiness” is the motto of Elle Llosa, the founder of the KO method, which just recently landed in the old Sala Magali in the Justicia neighborhood.

KO Method is at number five on Calle Bellen, at the old Sala Magali in Madrid.
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world of fitness Doesn’t stop innovating. When it seemed like everything had already been invented, especially in Madrid, Miami became associated with a body cult mecca, A new game method arrives Which promises both sweat and smile. It’s called KO. And this is already a declaration of intentions. “this is a life training system Which I created 14 years ago in search of my personal balance. I wanted to find physical and mental tools that would help me get better emotionally”, explains Ale Llosa, the discipline’s founder, who was born in Peru.

Why ES?

Ale Llosa, the founder of KO, a discipline that combines yoga with military training, boxing and martial arts.
Ale Llosa, the founder of KO, a discipline that combines yoga with military training, boxing and martial arts.

a fusion of Boxing, choreographed martial arts, military training and yogasays Llosa, who was a successful executive with a busy life and decided to take up training in fitness to manage her stress. “In the wrong place between an oppressive corporate life, a lack of self-esteem and a serious issue of complete dependence on outside approval, I decide to change my life.” Master Careers in Marketing and Business Administration To dedicate myself to find my passion. And I knew that fitness was a means to my inner connection and enjoyment of life. That’s why I always say that I fell in love with the game from the inside out.”

Turned into a more self-conscious person, she says, she studied a master’s degree in sports — an MBA in fitness and sports nutrition — which inspired her to try all kinds of disciplines and thus to help The idea to develop his own method was born to him. ,it had nothing to do with my career and i had to do a year of research, I just did it for myself, and it went so well that I started sharing it in my garage with friends, in small classes. Some wanted to continue after that first month and thus the idea of ​​the first center was born.”

Why Keo? “what more fills me with game to be knocked over, All sweaty, dashed, on the floor, but full of self-esteem and empowered.”

public purpose

Koch, a former manager, took a m.  have developed
Koch, a former director, has developed her own method that, she says, is for everyone.

“I say no age or gender Because everyone needs some activity that pleases their heart and releases their stress”, encourages the founder. While it is true that It is practiced by 75% of women and 25% of men. Based on your session statistics. “It affects people who have a thousand heads and work a lot. Those who barely have time for training, but want to dedicate it, they go beyond the physical. Let it be. A Cardio Party That Ends With Flexibility And a personal experience. A roller coaster of emotions.”

Although Born in Peru, KO is also present in Chile and Colombia, as well as from now on in the capital of Spain. “This dream started in a pandemic. This is the first one but I intend to open more. I have been living in Barcelona for five years and I was always attracted to your country. I found few companions and only Magali [la entrenadora de Operacin Triunfo] He told me that he was relocating his campus and, because of our friendship, that he would like my method of settling here”, describes Llosa, knowing that he was one of the fittest neighborhoods in the capital. Descending one, centers like the Schloe or Roots Lamarca Building, which combine the Tracy Anderson method, healthy eating, and the latest sports fashion. Curious, because there’s quite a racket

“We forgot about the project during the Covid crisis but I decided to take it up again six months ago because people need sports more than ever And in Spain in the pandemic many people searched for KO through the network, because we do a lot of digital training”, he justifies. Llosa, right, was a student from Magali, with whom he has a great friendship, So Coach has even attended the opening of his old venue as a DJ.

this is the system

Each class or session combines Four themes with two perspectives Different. One is the most fighting and the other calm. “We call it the KO side, for the brave, and the spirit side, for focus. Both have the energy of boxing, the strength of military training, the focus of martial arts, and meditation and yoga to calm down.” , To select its employees, Elle Llosa has developed your own system And have trained more than 100 coaches in the world. “We have KO certification, but we also need their pre-regulated and official training.”

For those who are in a hurry, the session lasts 60 to 30 minutes. Unlimited monthly payments cost 160 euros And they have vouchers for classes five, 10 and 15 for those who want to combine it with other activities or who don’t want to attend every day. “We are millions of living cells and if we take KO as a cleansing tool to purge the bad energies of the body and mind on a daily basis, we will feel better.”

benefits of activity

KO leaves you exhausted, on the floor, but don't forget the mental part.
KO leaves you exhausted, on the floor, but don’t forget the mental part.

The main benefits, says Elle Losa, besides the health that come with running, are above all mental. Therefore, Peruvians chose the motto “train for happiness“, because she trains people’s happiness. “It depends on how much intensity each person puts into it in a session” Can burn between 400 and 800 calories, As you practice, the level gets progressively better, and you use more power and energy. The beauty of the method is that every human being can adapt it according to his needs and abilities. Being depressed isn’t the same as being full, it affects how you’ll train that day,” Peruvian says.

There’s a lot of talk about bikini operations, especially in these pre-holiday days, but Llosa emphasizes the sport’s vision for its liberating potential. ,In his days I was a chubby girl and I would always fight against him physically, I had low self-esteem. When I began to practice understanding myself, I really changed my perception of my body and life. my theory is Change inside first and it will be visible on the outside, You have to train your head to see yourself as beautiful and say: ‘I can’. When you have that speech, then it reflects.”

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