The French government justifies the chaos in the Champions League final: “The deaths and injuries inside the stadium have been avoided”


Home Minister and Sports Minister condemn massive fraud in sale of fake tickets

Sports Minister Ami
In press appearance the Minister of Sport, Amalie Ouda-Sestra, and the Minister of the Interior, Gerald DarmininJean-François BadiasAP

The French government on Monday clarified the organizational mess that took place in the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool last Saturday. He justified that anarchy was produced “A vast and industrial fraud of bogus bills” Further assurances by fans of the English team that the action of the security forces prevented “play” inside the stadium. “The device has made it possible to avoid deaths and injuries inside the stadium,” said the interior minister, Graald Darmine, who appeared this Monday with the sports minister, Emilie Ouda-Sestra, after a meeting with the organization and UEFA . For the morning to clarify what happened.

Paris continues to hold British team fans responsible for Saturday’s incidents. Darmanin has insisted that 30,000 to 40,000 people attended the stadium without tickets or falsehoods on Saturday. He said that the problems They weren’t made with tickets sold to Real Madrid fans.Neither is standing in Madrid, as fans arrived long ago: “I think this is an important point to highlight,” said the minister, who explained that “the chaos of the arrival of the British in the stadium, which complicated the situation.” have make” “.

Saturday In Paris a strike took place on the RER, the nearest network leading to the Stade de France. The minister acknowledged that, as a result, there was a higher-than-normal flow, which also supported the last-minute collapse of the stadium gates. “Since there were more people than usual, the police prefecture decided to remove the pre-filtering cordon around the stadium”, which facilitates access.

These are “managed by the organisers, not the forces of the order”, but failed because 30,000 to 40,000 people had fake tickets. Before this first roundup, already 70% of fans had invalid tickets.

The fan area of ​​Liverpool’s fans was further away from the stadium than Real Madrid’s, with the former coming to the latter, adding to the chaos. At nine o’clock, when the game should have started, 97% of Madrid fans were already in the stands, compared to 50% of Liverpool fans.

Furthermore, as explained by the French Minister of Sports, A large proportion of banknotes were not electronic, but were printed, “Particularly of British fans, who contribute to and facilitate rampant fraud.”

Regarding the actions of the security forces, who used tear gas and the allegations against the fans, the interior minister has shown his support for Police prefecture, which “had to make tough decisions” to avoid “stadium deaths”. Of 50 people questioned and 29 arrests made, “half were British,” said Dormanin, who recalled that the hobby had already caused problems on other occasions.

Amlie Ouda-Casta has explained that UEFA will open an investigation to determine what happened and that French officials will also open an internal investigation. He has said that a working group will also be formed to improve both the equipment for transport and sports and risk events. The minister has also emphasized the fact that, despite everything, the match could take place, and there was no incident inside the stadium.

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