The Generalitat sends a questionnaire to the directors of schools to see if they comply with the Catalan decree


It is a questionnaire with seven questions that directorates must answer in order to validate their linguistic projects.

President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragon.EFE
  • Catalonia Catalan decree closed the door so that 25% in favor of Spanish directors could enforce it

Minister of Education sent a questionnaire to the directors of educational centers To check your language projectsAnd one of the questions that arises is whether Spanish is the language of curriculum use in its classrooms.

It is stated in the instruction that the ministry has sent this morning to the educational centers and which contains a questionnaire seven questions Directorates have to respond to validate their linguistic projects.

The directive and decree law approved yesterday by the government on the use of Catalan in the classroom is the mechanism with which the minister intends to deal with the decision that Implements 25% of subjects in Spanish in all Catalan schools,

A positive answer to seven questions in the questionnaire means that the linguistic project conforms to the new rules and negative answer for any of them This shows that the language project does not comply with the new rules and should be modified according to the instructions.

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