The government believes that Algeria is “backtracking” with its aggressive statement in response to the EU


Executive satisfaction when Argyll says suspension of transaction with Spain is “only in the minds of those who run it”

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Government believes that Algeria The EU “backs down” with its aggressive response statement. Government sources show the newspaper its “satisfaction” for the contents of the text sent to the European Union by the Algerian embassy this Friday in the sense that despite suspending commercial operations with Spain, it denies the harsh tone. Is.

“As an alleged measure by the Algerian government to halt the current transaction with the European partner, it exists only in the minds of those who run it and those who have rushed to stigmatize it,” the Algerian statement said in a stern tone. tells the High Representative of the European Union, José Borrell, European Commissioner for Trade, valdis dombrowski, and the foreign minister himself, José Manuel Albers, who maintains that trade relations have been transformed. He also accused the trio of “raining” in assessing the measure as a possible violation of the 2005 Euro-Mediterranean agreement.

The denial of the Algerian embassy contrasts fundamentally with the testimony of Spanish companies doing business with Algeria and warrants that since the Algerian bank this Thursday received an order to freeze direct debits of Spain-related operations. Since then, there has been a recession. Government sources consulted the Trust that this refusal expressed in the statement would result, for the sake of continuity, in the cancellation of that order from the Algerian Banking Association.

The Spanish government also takes positively that Algeria reiterates that it will abide by gas contracts with Spanish companies. The embassy statement indeed confirms, “Algeria has already conveyed through the most authoritative voice of the President of the Republic that it will continue to fulfill all commitments.” The statement also added that “it is up to the affected companies to honor all of their contractual commitments.” he is Natural To accept the price modification must honor the commitment of the contract.

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