The government distances itself from the return of the emeritus but says it should clarify.


Decisions on behalf of the executive are given to Jarzuela and they hide behind the fact that it is a “private visit”.

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Pedro Sánchez leaves the Chamber after the government’s control session.EFE
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  • King King Juan Carlos, visiting Sanxenxo this weekend

The government tries to distance itself from the possible return of Don Juan Carlos I to Spain in the next few days. Although his arrival was part of an agreement between the two Royal House and emeritus, but at the same time moncloaResponsibility for decisions from the executive is limited operetta And they hide behind the fact that it is a “private visit” to this disinformation strategy.

“This is a personal decision of the emeritus. Their relationship is with the Royal House, and out of respect for this institution, we are not going to consider any issue that has nothing to do with the government,” said Isabel Rodriguez, Executive Spokesperson.

Emeritus’ potential return would come after Pedro Sánchez, on several occasions, highlighted the need to provide explanations about his businesses, that he should explain his finances, despite the collection of investigations. fiscal, “I still believe he has to explain,” he said in March of this year, because “the information we have learned is not acceptable.”

Regarding whether the government continues to demand these clarifications from the citizen, La Moncloa confirms itself. “The words of the President of the Government are the same truth today as it was yesterday.”

In Congress this Thursday, Finance Minister Mara Jess Monteiro said, “Clarification is needed about the matter that creates uncertainty by citizens.” “But once the courts have ruled, the decision-making takes over the Royal House,” he added in that message to focus on Zarzuela.

Clarification that they also demand from the United We Can Sector in the government. “It seems to me that he has to be accountable to Spanish society. At least the important thing is whether he goes or comes, the important thing is that he is accountable like any democrat because Spanish society deserves an explanation “

“Society hopes that he will not return for a regatta, but he will be held accountable,” reflected the Equality Minister, Irene Monteiro, on the Emeritus’ possible return. The minister emphasized the difference between her constitution, which is “republican”, and the PSOE, which she defines as “monarchist”, considering that the process should continue to deepen so that institutions are “democratically” elected and there are no “unelected representatives” and moreover, they are violent for their actions before the law.

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