The government pardons the president of Infancia Libre, although he has not repented of the kidnapping of his son.


The executive grants him a partial pardon so that he does not go to jail and, despite the fact that he has publicly admitted that he will commit the crime again, and none of his complaints against the father have been successful, he continues with his parents. Returns father’s right.

Seville, second from the right, in Congress in 2017.
Seville, second from the right, in Congress in 2017.We can do it

The government, in the Official State Gazette this Wednesday, pardoned Maria Sevilla, president of the Free Childhood Association, to two-and-a-half years in prison after separating her son from a father and four years of loss of parental rights. The sentence has been handed down. Between the years 2017 and 2019. Thanks to the pardon, the woman will not have to return to prison and will continue to see her offspring.

Seville, still buoyed by hundreds of feminist unions who have requested her pardon and treated her like a heroine, was arrested by police in April 2019 after she stabbed an 11-year-old boy in a town in Cuenca. was kept in the field, from where he only let it air for half an hour a day to avoid being discovered.

Sevilla receives this pardon without remorse – it has been publicly reiterated that it will commit a crime again “to protect my son” – and to this day maintains that it has committed a crime to protect the minor from abuse by his father. Although all the complaints he filed against him were archived due to lack of evidence and two proceedings are pending against him for false charges and procedural fraud.

The minor suffered personal injuries and his departure from normal life caused serious delays in school, as evidenced in the successive proceedings. Since her mother’s arrest, she lives with her father and has managed to rebuild her life as normal, and in recent months she has repeatedly made it clear to teachers and social services that she is not her mother. – as published by this paper – now conflicts with the pardon granted by the executive: Justice had denied his son the right of parental rights for four years to save him, But the pardon replaced that penalty for 180 days of community work.

According to police sources, Sevilla had inspired his son, in evangelical faith, on his flight, and when police arrested him, the child repeated that his father was “the devil”. Now, despite the fact that she has reiterated that she will do it again, she will be able to continue contact with the minor.

Despite the fact that police officers assumed that Seville’s complaints against her former partner and the child’s father were significant, Seville also took her to the Congress of Deputies, where she went to speak to lawmakers at the initiative of Podemos . As authority in 2017 on abuse and domestic violence cases, that didn’t stop her from eloping with her son months later. During their visit to parliament, Seville and other mothers of Infancia Libre—some of whom were later convicted—took a photo with the current minister, Ioan Bellara.

Seville has since stated that these abuses have occurred and continue to this day, despite the fact that monitoring of the boy’s development by social services and authorities is ongoing and has all seen a marked improvement.

The prosecutor, directed by Dolores Delgado, has supported the pardon granted by the government today. While she was Minister of Justice, Delgado mediated on behalf of Juana Rivas, one of the mothers convicted of similar acts, before the Italian government, in a completely unusual action by the executive. Now the rationale for granting a partial clemency is that Seville entered prison voluntarily – he began serving last March – and has paid the fine of 4,000 euros imposed, but this is highlighted in the pardon file itself. It has been put that the woman had not even repented.

Now a week ago, the Minister of Equality, Irene Monteiro, referred to both Seville and Juana Rivas as “protective mothers” in an interview on Telecinco, and included their pardons – which had already been granted to Rivas. , which appealed to the Supreme Court—in the framework of the “fight against sexist violence”. Rafael Marcos, the father of Sevilla’s son, has never been punished for similar acts, and no proceedings have been initiated against him.

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