The Health Minister announced that there would be a fourth dose of the vaccine against COVID “for the entire population”.


The Public Health Commission last Monday approved the fourth dose against Kovid for the most vulnerable, population above 80 years of age

Minister of Health, Carolina Darius.EFE
  • coronavirus This is how Health justifies postponing anti-COVID booster doses of people over 80 until fall

health minister, Carolina Dariushas announced that the fourth dose of the vaccine will be covid “For the whole population.” The Public Health Commission last Monday approved that only the fourth dose would be for the most vulnerable, the population over the age of 80.

Darias has made the announcement on the el rojo in vivo program, although he has not specified when that fourth vaccine will arrive. Darius assures that they may be in the fall, since that date will arrive. new version-adapted vaccines“As the government of Spain has done through the European Union in contracts with pharmaceutical companies”.

Carolina DariusHealth Minister, has already announced during his Appearance at the Congressional Health Commission last week that “experts are of the view, and also the Public Health Commission, that, although a second booster dose would be necessary, and everything indicates that it should be established at the most appropriate time according to the epidemiological situation, It is highly likely that this will happen later with the advent of new vaccines adapted to the variant.,

After this statement, Spain has become one of the few EU countries not vaccinating their elderlyas i know they recommend from month of april European Medicines Agency and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Croatia and Slovenia also follow in the Spanish footsteps.

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