The heart of Sierra Bermeja (Mlaga) burns again


Difficulty reaching the burning site and strong gusts of wind, suffocating the “complex” fire that has forced 60 people to be evicted in Benahas

Councilor for the Presidency, The
Alas Bandado, Minister of the Presidency at the command post of fire.junta
  • red color Journey through the ashes of the Sierra Bermeja fire

When not even a year has passed since that great fire that burns more than 10,000 hectares from the mountain Sierra Bermeja, In the province of Málaga, and in memory of its neighbours, images of the uncontrollable flames that kept firefighters in check for days and rekindled cost the life of a firefighter, Carlos Martínez, Sierra Bermeja.

It is yet to be ascertained how and where the fire started, he remarked to coordinate some difficult extermination operations from the command post set up at Benhavs just hours after the incident began—as it did last time—with gusts. Due to “strong land wind” between 25 and 40 kilometers per hour.

“The wind was very strong and the flames were out of control,” the mayor of Pujera said with concern. Francisco Macaques, whose municipal tenure has caught fire and one of the towns whose neighbors had to be evicted in the last month of September. And that “the hectares that didn’t burn last year are about to burn now,” he remarked with regret when he saw the mountain burning again.

The fire was declared about twenty minutes after three o’clock in the afternoon. A bastion of forest firefighters in the area told the rest that there was light in the area known as La Reginera, an area of ​​pine and scrub with “hard land access” through which “few people walk and in which there There are no streets and nothing,” Pujera Forest firefighters explained, Francisco Morales, Last September the shadow of the fire—essentially—the forest firefighters of the Jenal Valley hovered over the memory and all alarms went off.

service in minutes emergency 112 Received dozens of fire warnings calls from various municipalities of the Costa del Sol such as Estepona, Marbella or BenhavusWhere some sixty people had to be evicted from the exclusive residential area of ​​Montmayor, an urbanization consisting of mostly-independent villas surrounded by abundant vegetation.

To douse the fire, 125 soldiers were initially mobilized among the fire brigade, groups of forest firefighters and operations technicians; Thirteen air assets (six transport and fire fighting helicopters, two Super Puma, two Kamovs, two cargo aircraft on the ground and one coordination aircraft), in addition to six fire engines.

The Minister of the Presidency, Elias Bandado, arrived at the command post, and the Andalusian government activated Level 2 of the Emergency Plan. interference of military emergency unit (UME). In mid-afternoon, two amphibious aircraft were added, which arrived at the fire zone in record time from Madrid’s Torrejón de Ardoz Airport. They are planes that “usually are at Malaga airport”, told Infoca, but this year they weren’t there yet because fire plans for the summer had not been activated. “The complex location and wind meant that forecasts to close it “were not good,” said Bandodo, who predicted a longer night and feared an unfavorable development.

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