The historical dimension of his new feat as leader of the NBA: Doncic and the ‘Unknown’ nba 2021


“I play best when I’m having fun,” says the 23-year-old Slovenian, who has led a non-All-Star Mavericks to the West Final. they will face the warriors

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Those who saw it say that the effect it made Luka Doncic Among his rivals when he landed in Spain at the age of 13 was such that he was paralyzed several times before the blonde demon arrived from Slovenia, as if what they were seeing was not real. A decade later, his eccentricity devastated another world with the same speed that dominated Europe until he humiliated the man on his own court, considered the best team in the NBA. “I knew we were ‘underdogs’.” There are no limits to those who look into the eyes of history’s greatest men. Without complexes, thanks to the smiles, fun and brilliance, Seventh in Phoenix is ​​already a new milestone that moves with awe.

Starting Wednesday, Luca and his Mav will, against all odds, play the Western Conference Finals against the Warriors. Doncic would not do this as a complement to a great team or as an endorsement of a shining star, but rather as the absolute leader of a group of players difficult to recognize by the average fan. with Spencer Dinwiddie, Jalen Brunson, Dorian Finney-Smith, Dwight Powell, Reggie Bullock or Maxi KleberNo All Stars, as of now, have been transformed and evolved into something that makes them better off faster. With that group as wild as it is low profile, they glimpse the ring, in the background. At the age of 23 and in his fourth season in the world’s best league, in which he landed at 19, he had already won the EuroLeague with Real Madrid and EuroBasket – in addition to the Olympic semi-finals – with his small country.

Uncharted territory to those who were legends at the time in his career, Doncic became the youngest footprint center in history on an unforgettable Sunday morning, winning the seventh game away from home to score 35 points (he averaged 32.6 in these playoffs). points, 9.8 rebounds and seven assists), ended with one of the biggest humiliations of all time against a team with the best record in the league (they dominated 46, 90–123 in 33). Regular season (65 wins), current runner-up, probably favorite until exhibition. Suraj disappointed Devin Booker -who scoffed at Luca with many impotence-, with command of the stage who knew it was a special night. Like four years ago when in Belgrade he led Madrid to the conquest of Europe.

“include all”

“I’m having fun, and I enjoy when I play better. But today the whole team was incredible, I’ve never seen anything like this in the seventh game and away from home,” Doncic said. With his mind on last year’s loss against the Clippers in another seventh, and once again revealed an ability that makes him unique, that is leadership. Kidd praised him, “He set the tone for everyone involved and taking shots when he arrived.” Because it was not only an individual exhibition, it was the ability to include the rest that led to the historic victory of those from Dallas. Dirk Nowitzki, who signed on to a similar feat 11 years earlier: he defeated the Spurs in seventh place away from home and won the only ring in franchise history. “I’m so happy, you can’t take the smile off my face. We deserved it,” admitted his successor.

That collective profile, undoubtedly inherited from his European training, sets Doncic apart from the legends to which he shamelessly compares himself. A Michael JordanFor example, it took him a good few seasons to get rid of his fame as an apostle of individualism, to stop clashing with the Celtics and Pistons and fight for the Ring. In his third year, at age 23, Doncic averaged 37.1 points per night, his best, but lost every game in the first round. The following year he fell to second place, beginning the Curse of Detroit, against whom he lost three times in a row, the last two in the Eastern Finals.

Luca, who was not even selected to start this year’s All-Star, nor was his name discussed for MVP, won for the second time in a row. Nikola Jokic (the Nuggets have already been eliminated), had already played in the playoffs twice, although they never went past the first stage. Parallels can be drawn with Lebron James, who led the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals in their fourth season, although they lost to the Spurs. With 21 years, Kobe Bryant will start three pans With the Lakers, but always in the shadow of a Shaquille O’neal Which dominates the NBA.

Beyond the misunderstanding of others that it is so difficult for him to get rid of his weight, some Mavericks’ erratic season shifted to February porzingisdoubt about Jason KiddoDoncic has once again demonstrated the enormity of his star.

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