The hottest day of May brought 11 communities on alert for the suffocating heat


Forecasts from the State Meteorological Agency (Emet) indicate that intense heat warnings are active in 24 provinces spread over 11 regions, distributed over three regions.

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hot case De estos das de mayo play teco this Saturday with notice in 11 autonomous communities abnormally high temperature and 22 provincial capitals with haze in large areas of at least 35 degrees, Peninsula and Balearic IslandsAnd some storms in the northwest.

prediction of meteorological agency Collected by Cervimedia (Emet) indicates that 24 provinces spread over 11 regions have activated warnings for intense heat distributed over three regions.

One of them is the central and southern part of the peninsula, which has a yellow warning – Risk for outdoor activities – in almera (36 degrees to the west and the capital), Villa (36 in the south), badyoz (38 in the plains of Guadiana), real city (38 throughout the province), crdoba You Seville (39 in Campia), cuenca (36 in La Alcaria and La Mancha), Granada (39 in Genil Basin)guadalajara (36 in La Alcaría), January (38 or 39 throughout the province), madrid (38 throughout the province except the mountains) and toledo (from 36 to 38 throughout the province).

Another covers the northeast of the peninsula, as there is a yellow warning Barcelona (36 in the central depression and 34 in the foothills), Girona (35 in Empurdon and 34 in the Pyrenees), guipazcoa You vizcaya (35 inside), Huesca You Navara (34 to 36 throughout the province), La Rioja (36 on the banks of the Ebro), lilida (36 in the central depression and 34 in the Pyrenees), Teruel (37 in Bajo Aragon) and Zaragoza (38 on the banks of the Ebro and 36 at Cinco Villa and Ibrica).

and the third is located in the peninsular northwest, with a yellow notice ourense (36 on mine) and zamora (36 on the plateau).

the temperature will rise significantly Galicia and the Cantabrian region, and a little less in the eastern third of the peninsula, and will fall down West Andaluca, will be more than 35 degrees in eyebrow depressionpeninsular southwest quadrant and the point of northern plateauas well as some areas of cantabricoWhere summer is brought forward again.

The hottest capital will be Cordoba (39C); Granada, Jan, Toledo and Zaragoza (38); Badajoz, Ciudad Real, Lleida and Seville (37), and Almera, Bilbao, Guadalajara, Logaru, Madrid, Orens, Pamplona and Zamora (36). On the other hand, light conditions are expected over A Corua, Ceuta, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Oviedo (24).

some storms

On the other hand, the sky will be sunny or there will be some high clouds over the eastern side of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands, with moderate and high cloud intervals, and the rest of the peninsula will see a cloudy day.

in the afternoon Galicia may have rain and storm and west of the Cantabrian region, without ruling out that they may be locally strong and produce hail. In the east of the Cantabrian region, there is also the possibility of some isolated occurrence around Meseta and in the mountainous areas of the eastern peninsular third.

Fog is likely in the morning over interior Galicia and Asturias, and coastal fog is likely over the western Cantabrian Sea and south of the Alborne Sea. Due to the presence of dust in suspension, the arrival of air masses of North African origin will cause haze over the peninsula, which will be less intense in the eastern third.

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