The independence movement also demands the head of Robles: “He is in an unstable position”.

The dismissal of the director of the CNI, Paz Esteban, has not completely pacified the Catalan independence movement, which now demands the head of defense, Margarita Robles. However, the ERC, Pedro Sánchez’s favorite partner and a key player in explaining the executive’s moves to save the legislature, has lauded the decision and serves to change the tone and its tendency to negotiate.

Gabriel Ruffin has pointed out that Esteban’s downfall seems “logical” to him, because beyond the Pegasus case affecting separatism, there has been illegal spying on the cell phones of the government’s president, defense minister and other members of the government. .. “It seems logical to me that the highest authority in intelligence takes responsibility,” he said, although he believes the next step is to “declassify the documents” and open an inquiry commission in Congress.

Asked whether the dismissal is enough for the ERC, Ruffin pointed to Robles, saying there are political conditions that are “sustainable”. “It is not about asking for heads,” he continued, but “there has been a security breach and renunciation of functions that makes the position of some government positions unstable.” Despite pointing like this towards the Defense Minister, Ruffin has accepted that this resignation will not come.

“It is quite complicated for PSOE to leave Robles himself because he represents the liberal right in this country, which everyone knows is part of PSOE,” he said, calling it one of PSOE’s “most conservative and more stale”. Having been described as “.

As for the CUP, the dismissal of the CNI director “doesn’t help” and has asked “let’s see if they’re going to charge someone who follows orders.” As such, Miria Weh describes Esteban as “the chief of the day” and extended political responsibilities to Robles and also to the prime minister. The defense minister to be “responsible” and Sanchez to be aware. “We take the CNI law and it says the prime minister knows from the first minute what happens with these wiretaps,” he insisted.

Similarly, Weh has also pointed to the possible responsibility of the Presidency Minister, Flix Bolaos, in spying to the government for taking control of the executive’s telephone.

For all these reasons, the CUP spokesperson has insisted that there is a lack of public explanation as to “why so many people were spied on and the judges ordered so many” and called for the establishment of an inquiry commission.

The government’s minority ally, United v Cain, through the mouth of its parliamentary spokesman, Pablo Ichenic, believes that “the democratic rise of the state has come of late” and that “the important thing now is to establish a guarantee that this will never happen.” . again.” in Spain because it is important to regain the trust of citizens”. In short, United We Can claims to clean state agencies of “relics of the past”.

The purple deputy is not satisfied only with the dismissal of the director of CNI. For its formation, he said, “It is necessary to carry out political and legislative functions: purifying responsibilities in state agencies, declassifying documents, commissioning a parliamentary inquiry and proceeding with legislative reforms, repeal of the gag law.” , unblocking official secrets is Francoist and reactivating the law of freedom of expression to eliminate penal medieval crimes such as insults to the Crown and crimes against religious sentiments.

Ichenic has again pointed to the need to assume political responsibilities, but so far, has categorically avoided pointing the finger at Robles.

As for the PP, the prime minister has “consumed the grotesque” by offering the libertarians the head of the intelligence service. The PP’s leader, Alberto Nez Feijo, has reacted to Esteban’s dismissal via Twitter, assuring that Sánchez has “once again undermined the state in its quest for survival.” For Feijo it is “a real disgrace to our country.”

loss popular They believe that the government has used Esteban as a “scapegoat” to meet the demands of the independence movement. And, moreover, they believe that the dismissal is an “inadequate” movement in terms of the perception of responsibilities, because what the law says is that the government marks the CNI’s lines of action and knows them. So it is not possible to misbehave with some and not for others.

In that sense, Gnova’s sources assure that it is the executive who should explain and not hide behind the director of the CNI.

From Vox they ink against Sanchez, emphasizing that he has decided to “criminalize those who protect and forgive us and join forces with those who attack us.” ” Santiago Abascal has accused the prime minister of turning Spain into “an autocracy in the service of his person”.

In this sense, Vox’s leader has defended the work of the CNI as the state apparatus “must protect us from terrorists, coup planners and criminals who attack our sovereignty, rights and liberties.”

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