The insult of Pablo Iglesias to judge García Castellán of “mediocrity” and “predecessor” at the hands of the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office


In April, the former Vice President honored the judge of ‘Dina Case’ with those adjectives

National High Court Judge Manuel Garco
National High Court Judge Manuel Garca Castellón.Angel Navarrete
  • ‘Dina Case’ Podemos accuses Judge Manuel García Castellón of endangering justice’s reputation for his actions
  • newspaper library Judge ends investigation of ‘Dina case’ without indicting Pablo Iglesias

Madrid Public Prosecutor’s Office A communication has been received from the Chairperson of the National High Court, Jose Ramon NavarroWith the disgrace that Pablo Iglesias, the former leader of United We Can, said last April during an interview with the magistrate Manuel Garcia Castellan, Iglesias called the then instructor Dina Case Mediocre and hunter. These facts were brought to the attention of both the prosecutor’s office and general council of the judiciary by court. Now, the Prosecutor’s Office, headed by Dolores Delgado, has decided to refer the facts to the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office if they may constitute an offense of defamation or slander. According to a decree issued by the prosecutor’s chief inspector of attorney general of state, Maria Antonia Sanzu, to which EL Mundo had access, in interviews with the former Vice President of the government, purported statements by a magistrate to a journalist are collected about the fact that he was going to eliminate Pablo Iglesias (…). An element of satisfaction and pleasure. Similarly, Iglesias is heard saying that he is a mediocre judge and points to the option that he may go down in history as a forerunner in the context of an alleged illegal judicial war against Podemos. Is.

The prosecutor’s decree explains that at the time of determining which prosecutor’s office is territorially competent to promote the investigation, the places of commission of a possible offense of defamation or slander with publicity against a public official Depending on, the choice of location is often considered where the offender has made such allegations or the place of reception of the offended party. At this point, the Ministry of Public Affairs emphasizes that the ability to check facts must be recognized Madrid’s Provincial ProsecutorThe area where the potentially offended person works and where he has received news potentially offensive to his honor as an officer.

Iglesias’s feud with Judge García Castellón goes back a long way. In particular, since he sent an exposition against him for the supreme Dina Case, These incidents have resulted in frequent criticism and insults against Togado of the former Vice President of the government.

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