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Two out of ten Spaniards live with this change in their digestive system. However, the figures for laxatives exaggerate the number of people affected manifold. Profile is female over 60 years old

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squeeze is a health problem that affects, according to surveys, two out of ten Spaniards, However if we go to the laxative sales figures, the reality is quite different, and everything points to the fact that it affects more people than they recognize. And it’s that going to the bathroom well is one of those things that shouldn’t be given importance until you stop going, and it can become a real problem when this situation goes on for too long.

When do we talk about constipation?

Technically, we can assume that you are constipated when you have less than three bowel movements in a week. but We can’t limit the diagnosis to just multiple times that a person goes to the bathroom, we should take care Other factors such as abdominal pain, Feeling of incomplete evacuation after going to the bathroom, bloating in the abdomen, straining when going to the bathroom and presence of hard stools, usually in the form of small balls.

Does it affect men or women more?

especially for women it affects them twice as much as us, If we look at age, statistics show that people over 60 years old Younger children are more affected by this intestinal problem than children.

How many times a day should I go to the bathroom?

there is no standard There is no number that is considered normal, because this is something very individual that depends on each individual. There are people who go every two days, people who go twice a day… Everyone has their own bowel movement habit.

When should I go to the doctor?

we have seen that Everyone has their own bowel habitBut if we suddenly stop going to the bathroom as usual, they’ve already passed four days and we can’t spare, we have bloating and abdominal pain… it’s time to take it seriously. Too as long as the stool is with bloodBut this is regardless of whether we are constipated or not.

What is the cause of constipation?

The reason can be due to many factors, but usually the culprit is related to our lifestyle.

a low dietary fiber intaketake one sedentary life, drinking too little water, stress, change in normal schedulea trip…

Too Some medicines can cause constipationEspecially for the purpose of getting relief from pain and some heart diseases.

we can’t forget it sometimes Constipation may be related to other diseases Due to which the person is suffering, such as thyroid problem.

How can I cure it without resorting to drugs?

support laxatives or suppositories to relieve constipation should not be a routineIf not then it should be something to take recourse to in a time bound manner.

If The main reason for constipation is our lifestyle.By improving them we can solve a good portion of these intestinal problems.

increase water intakeIncorporating several extra glasses of water into your daily routine, eating high fiber foods I eat fruits and vegetables, increased physical activity that we each perform, reduce our stress levels He deserves to take the time to go to the bathroom, and above all, not resist the urge to go to the bathroom.

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