The key to the Puertos case: what is being investigated and what is the role of President Armengol


Judge Martina Mora investigates an alleged network to fix maritime facilities in ports dependent on APB

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The president of the Balearic Islands, Francina Armengol, in a file image.Xavier OnionEFE
  • Investigation WhatsApp prove that the head of ports informed Armenagol about the competitions he liked
  • case port The emails point to Armengol: “They pressure me to do it; see Francina tomorrow and I’ll ask her about it”

former president of Balearic Islands Port Authority Investigated for corruption in the adjudication of the main maritime businesses of Menorca and Ibiza, Joan Gual de Torella, Informed personally to Balearic president francina armengolo Some maneuvers now condemned Anti-Corruption Prosecutor. This is confirmed by two WhatsApp conversations that have been interfered with civil guard Between 2018 and 2020 between the two public officials, in which EL Mundo had exclusive access. these are the keys case port,

What is the matter of ports?

This is a judicial inquiry promoted by anti corruption prosecutorThe civil guard And this Palma. Court of Instruction No. 3 of who lays superimposed on the dome of Balearic Islands Port Authority ,APB) which has controlled this public entity during the last two legislatures. is the principal investigator Joan Gual de TorellaFormer Chairman of the APB and a post informally appointed by the President in 2015 francina armengolo,

What is the Balearic Islands Port Authority and what is its significance?

It is a public institution which systematically depends on Ministry of Transportation (before Fomento) and who is in charge of managing the main ports of the Balearic Islands, which are of strategic interest due to their maritime importance in both the transport of goods and commercial maritime traffic. among them are the ports of palma, Ibiza You Song,

What is checked?

The case led to the arrest of members of the port leadership in 2020. judge Martina Mora Investigates an alleged network to fix maritime installations in ports dependent on APB. The evidence collected by the judge indicates A concert between public officials, high officials and concessionaires To arbitrarily change and direct the allocation of the marina.

In his proceedings, the magistrate has already pointed out the possible existence of political signalHowever, so far no fee other than gulal has been charged. The principal investigators have denied this and have projected themselves as victims of a war of economic interests in the lucrative business of the islands’ ports, worth hundreds of millions of euros annually.

Is the full scope of the investigation known?

No, the reason for this is largely hidden. So far, as revealed by EL Mundo, two of the five separate pieces created by the Court are known. they impress a marina Song And, as the new revelations show, the main Ibiza Nautical ClubWhose vice-president was a councilor for the PSOE and is the brother of the PSOE’s spokesman in the Balearic Parliament and a former councilor from Armengol.

What is the role of President Armengol?

President of the Balearic Government, francina armengolo ,PSOE) are already visible in the notes and emails seized from Gual during the search of APB Headquarters. Those documents recorded meetings where, according to court reports, the competitions under investigation were discussed. Armengol said last year that it had only held “institutional” meetings with APB.

Now EL Mundo has revealed the personal WhatsApp sent by Gual to the president detailing how the Balearic justice declared one of the contests investigated for alleged corruption void for the Ibiza investigation. The response has not yet surfaced from the President and was located outside the institutional sphere: “Crap. Bad News”,

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