The last walk of Nieves and Mariluz, two septuagenarians who died after being hit by a car in Sanchinaro


The last walk of Nieves and Mariluz, two septuagenarians who died after being hit by a car in Sanchinaro
  • Courts Judge released unlicensed driver and drunkenly crushed two septuagenarians in Sanchinaro

Nieves, 79, and Marilz, 72, were close friends. every afternoon They went for a long walk through the large green areas and the Sanchinaro neighborhood, north of the capital of Spain. Both lived in the Virgen del Cortijo area and belonged to their Neighborhood Association.

Last Sunday they began a march of more than two hours. It was 6:30 in the evening. But as they waited to cross into the pedestrian median of the Avenida del Ingeniero Emilio Herrera, A mighty BMW veered off the road and ran over them, Both died on the spot. One of them was displaced by more than 20 metres.

The vehicle that hit them was being driven by a 30-year-old woman, who He did not have a driving license and had nearly doubled the permitted level of alcohol. He was arrested by the city police on charges of reckless murder and offenses against traffic safety. After the first test done by the agents, in which she tested positive for alcohol, a contrast test could not be done as she was taken to the hospital due to a nervous breakdown.

Similarly, the city police arrested his accomplice, a 42-year-old man, who was in the passenger’s seat when the accident, knowing that he did not have a license and was intoxicated, allowed the driver to circulate. They were going very fast and coming by food. In the back seat was the 12-year-old son of the young man. None of the three were injured. The couple were released on the charges after testifying before a judge. Prosecutor unsuccessfully requested imprisonment The driver who wanted to change behind the wheel with his partner after the collision, According to several witnesses.

Marilz lived opposite the place where he died. Nieves, on Ona Street. Both were widows and were famous in the area as they participated in many activities of the Virgen del Cortijo Neighborhood Association, of which they were a part for many years.

«Mariluz, with two children and grandchildren, lost her husband four years ago and Nieves was widowed last year with a daughter. The two were inseparable and were always together, He was an example to all of us because of his energy and desire to live,” explained a friend from the neighborhood.

In addition to walking for two or three hours every day, he was also very diligent in visiting the neighborhood petanque courts, dance classes and Madrid. “They both loved playing petanque. Now that the good weather was approaching, this was when he enjoyed the most of the countryside, which is closer to our home,” said another close.

Several of the women who made up the association went to the La Paz Funeral Home in Tres Cantos yesterday. “If we had time, we would have made two bouquets worth them,” says another friend. ,It’s been a very hard blow. They were always ready for anything. And they collaborated on many activities”, explained another woman, who added: “It could have been worse, because sometimes four or five friends would get together to walk in a group”.

Nieves had lived in Sanchinaro for more than 40 years and was always committed to the neighborhood’s social problems, according to her friends. A few days ago, the woman complained to the association that there was a lack of respect for pedestrians in cars. He said an accident could happen any day. ,They always go very fast to that crossroads, The second day they insulted us while crossing at a slow speed”, said a relative of the deceased.

Friends and associates of the association hope that the names of Nieves and Mariluz in the Sanchinaro neighborhood will never be forgotten. They will fight to be asked to be remembered in a certain way. “We’ll see what can be done. At least, At Neighborhood Union we’ll never forget them”, he says in the unit.

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