The latest mutation of the legendary Estación del Norte: it becomes the center of music creation


After 30 years of neglect, the Warner Record Company restores the Torre de Levante with recording and rehearsal rooms for the artists.

New Warner Studios.
New Warner Studios.Bernardo Diaz

With the latest technology, six recording studios, an amphitheater, composition and rehearsal rooms, concert venues, a photography and video set… North Station will be transformed into one. New Creative and Music Center Warner Artists.

after passing 30 years leftThe record company has been restoring the building’s Levante Tower for nearly five years to return it to its former splendor and turn it into an icon for the city.

The project, called The Music Station, consists of four different locations: Gran Teatro Banksia Principe Pio, which debuted in 2020; the just-opened Warner Creative and Music Innovation Center; Carola Morena Nightclub, Joe Will open its doors on 30th June And the best international DJs and finally, Torre de Poniente will feature a restaurant area, which will take time to get started.

The place where the company is set up was occupied by its time Renfe. by the central offices of And this was where the offices of the directors of the Railway Company were located with majestic arches, solemn meeting rooms and stately wooden elevators. But when the Principe Pio Interchange was built, the entire area was abandoned.

Image of old north station.
Image of old north station.Railway Museum Collection

The station, built in 1861 by French engineers Biarez, Grasset and Auliac, was not used when Chamartin replaced it. as a link to the answer and was reduced for the passage of commuter trains.

Then, the lower part of the building was transformed into a shopping center, while the upper area on the slopes of San Vicente was abandoned and Became a haven for tramps and drug addicts, Interestingly, that Art Deco-style head was added to the original building in 1926 to serve as the departure hall.

Disappointed Projects

The block went through several projects, but none were successful. Really an initiative to turn it into a great theatre. In 2002 actors Antonio Banderas and SGAE sued Renfe and Riofisa Real Estate Company. for breach of contract.

The symbolic station also went through a phase in which it was rented out for private events and it was there Alex de la Iglesia part of your movie sad trumpet ballad,

The construction journey ended in 2020 when businessman Luis lvarez, along with two partners such as Jose Mota and Santiago Segura, managed to launch the Gran Teatro Banksia Principe Pio and thus realize the dream they had created. Antonio Banderas and producer Luis Ramirez, In these moments, the music is represented in its tables. we will Rock You About the British band Queen

Warner now completes the project with the rehabilitation of Torre de Levante, with an attempt to recover Aesthetics and a sense of the times, In this way, all the rooms have old photographs showing what the station was like, the corridors are decorated like the old Chambery Metro Terminal and the old blackboards are being rebuilt as in those days.

Company President Guillermo Gonzalez’s idea is to find a place where musicians, producers and writers can come and go whenever they want because Will be open round the clock all year round,

“The office is dead. This is a unique place in the world And it will be a benchmark for the company’s employees in Europe. We want Spain to once again be a trend in the music world”, he confirmed. Neither González nor the rest of Warner’s directors have offices or living rooms, but all rooms are filled with pianos and guitars. So that artists can create.

musicians around the world

The project’s philosophy was born during the pandemic, which turned the concept of traditional workplaces upside down. Warner’s directors were looking for a flexible space that suited the needs of workers and help them reconcile,

Singer Yoli Sa rehearses.
Singer Yoli Sa rehearses.b diazzi

«It’s a concept that didn’t exist and it seems unbelievable. I compose better at night and I can come here at dawn to make, I am going to meet other artists and adjust with them,” says singer Yoli Sa, who was one of the first to try out the studio.

The aim is that any musician and writer of Warner from different parts of the world You can reserve a place from your mobile phone Through one application and gain access to buildings, lockers and parking spaces. For example, an Italian musician who comes to Madrid to promote his album can book rooms for three days to work with Spanish musicians.

There is also a school in the new center in which the students of the University of Francisco de Vittoria are studying. First Master’s in Music Industry and Business To train as future professionals in the field.

In addition, this summer the outside of the building will be a must-see in the capital, as the theater’s promoters have set up a beer garden, See it’s about a german style roof Along with long tables where beer is served and, from this afternoon until July 31, there will be piano, rock and opera concerts from Thursday to Sunday.

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