The leader of the CS in Catalonia attacks Bandado: “Spain is a lonely nation. The rest are illusions”


The leader of the Cs in Catalonia, Carlos Carrizosa.EFE
  • Feijo’s plan to heal Catalonia: “Senera and cordial Catalanism”

Ciudadanos comes out to fight against PP after his new general coordinator, they bandodohas defended in an interview given to World That Catalonia is a state nationality like any other autonomous community.

New PP receiving speech Kanita of a multinational state. if option sanchismo What is it, stop and walk, the leader of the formation has announced Orange In Catalonia, Carlos Carrizosa.

The head of the ranks of citizens in parliament has denied that Spain is a single nation of free and equal citizens. The rest are delusions to please the nationalists. PP and PSOE do not learn, carizosas abound.

The PP’s new position in relation to the Catalan question was already made clear to the Catalan business community during the intervention of its new leader, Alberto Nez-Feijó. The position of neocentrism was very well received in terms of identity and individuality of nationalities economy cycle, And Bandodo’s words only come to confirm that New Direction’s bet. popularEven at the cost of receiving attacks from other constitutional forces, such as Ciudadanos or Vox.

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