The Legend of the Holy Devil Jerry Lee Lewis, Ethan Coen’s Return to Cinema


The youngest of the Coen brothers, presents his solo debut at Cannes ‘Jerry Lee Lewis: Trouble in Mind’, an electric documentary about the overflowing existence of the rock and roll pioneer, who is out of his marriage to a 13-year-old. Do not shy away from analysis. girl

Jerry Lee Lewis in a file photo.
Jerry Lee Lewis in a file photo.A24

It was Nietzsche, who probably wrote in the midst of spillage that it is written with blood and you will know that blood is spirit. Perhaps for this reason, or vice versa, few directors as bloodthirsty as Nietzsche the coens brothers, The proof is there. He debuted in 1984 with Door easy blood, A film that was excited from start to finish. And so, one way or another, his filmography death among flowers A fargo passing by This is not a land of old people It’s there to bleed. Now that they have decided to go their separate ways, same thing.

joelThe eldest, just a year earlier, chose the insatiable bloodliness of Lady and Lord Macbeth to debut without his brother, his blood brother.

You Ethan Documentary presented in special segment at Cannes Film Festival yesterday Jerry Lee Lewis: Trouble in Mind Which is essentially: Blood on Blood and, therefore, the pure and free spirit of most bloodthirsty musicians ever produced by Rock and Roll. Not in vain, his surname, as he is known, is murderer (the killer), who, by the way, is what he all called uncle.

Ethan reveals that his decision to leave the cinema was there. Those were the times before the pandemic and he suddenly realized that there was nothing left but the illusion that made him devote himself to cinema. There comes a time when you experience cinema as just another job. Productions are becoming more and more complex. And then you see it clearly: if you have no need, Why do you go to so much trouble?, recently announced. The problem is that the planet’s confinement has arrived and with it comes boredom and a friend with a project. musician T-Bone Burnett, a longtime collaborator of the brothers, offered both Ethan and his wife, editor Tricia Cooke, the opportunity to bring orders for a large amount of archival material. and from there emerged from the head of Zeus as Athena Jerry Lee Lewis: Trouble in Mind. pure blood. Pure soul.

The film, as clearly suggested by its T-Bone inspiration, opens with the song he even woke me up to say goodbye Ed Sullivan shows up in performance and ends with another place, another time, Without giving a single chance to breathe. Everything in between. All in flames in a frenzy of pure fever. The documentary only allows Jerry Lee Lewis to speak. Koen Y CookThey stitch together their narrations with an unusual teacher while she sings, shakes, strums and vibrates each piano key. and all with him. To tell all this.

And when all is said, the film doesn’t shirk from the most delicate and therefore bloody issues. Ethan Coen remembers not only the episode of the musician’s wedding (the third of seven in total), when he was 22 years old with his second niece in 1957. Myra Gail Brown, It literally leaves him bouncing throughout the movie. with echo. Worse or whatever, Lee Lewis defined himself there: in every gesture that destroys him, in every step toward the abyss, in his business toward suicide. They say that Jerry has been a father. He has adopted his wife, making fun of Bob Hope. Is it true that he was only 13 years old? The interviewer asks indefinitely in his 60s. Lie, I was 12 years old. I turned 13 the day after marriage, He reacts immediately to make it clear that he was in love with her. And be quiet. It is the audience that has to deal with the questions. Answer with no, because there are none. It’s about keeping the great and magnetic artist separate from all his mistakes, says the director. Otherwise, the movie doesn’t tell you what to think, it gives you the tools to do it.

At the film’s presentation, microphone in hand, Ethan Coen was content to be back at Cannes and the cinema, in fact, never left. He also said that it was my privilege to receive an electric shock from Jerry Lee Lewis. And finally I left out the most important declarations: Jerry is alive.

The documentary shares with the cinema of its author (a mediocre writer, as Joel is missing) his sense of irony, his one-sided gaze and his eternal capacity for wonder. as well as the rhythm, but it is not clear whether it is that of the director but of the author of contemporary symbols such as Whole lotta shakein’ going on or course, Huge flames of fire. After the Tale of the Burning Piano get over this black spit on face Chuck Berry, However, no words. Legends should not be touched. It is a documentary for laymen in this matter, but with immense respect for worshipers of a deity-devil, it is clear, to meet the age of 86 years and the whole of eternity.

What is Rock and Roll? They ask him again and again. The first time he listens attentively to the interviewer, looking for clues in the black music he’d heard as a child, pauses to describe his sense of rhythm… until he gives up. Rock and roll is me, he declares. He says that he never liked following anyone. Neither going back nor moving forward. It’s not arrogance, it’s confidence. Remember when you met Elvis. And with Carl Perkins. And with Johnny Cash. He speaks through a thousand incarnations of himself, plays music and regenerates at the rate of each of his resurrections. two bottles of tequila a day (Or was it whiskey?) And one belly piercing after another. I learned to play the piano again after a setback. Nearing the end, he is recently seen on a gospel recording. His hands still resist like twisted ropes. There is blood. The soul lives.

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