The Middle East, the New and Controversial Cradle of the World Game: “They’re Breaking the Market”

between the shores of Jeddah You Dubaiwest and east ends of Arabian Peninsulathere is almost 2,000 km of desertOil fields, gas reserves, almost dictatorial monarchical rule and luxury, above all luxury, An artificial luxury arose on the dust and sand of Arab Saudi, Queue You United Arab Emirates, the three countries that amass the most power and wealth in the Middle East and on the entire planet. From Jeddah to Dubai, a trio of nations and their great cities, the Red Sea Ali Persian Gulf to pass on Riyadh, Doha hey Abu DhabiHas created the new and controversial cradle of world sport for a few months now.

football world cup Qatar and Spanish Super Cup in Riyadh and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia); formula 1 in Jeddah, Losail (Qatar) and Abu Dhabi (Emirates); MotoGP in Losail; New golf tournament begins with Saudi funds LIV Golf; new circuit padel operated by QSIfund headed by Nasser Al-Khelaifiq, team of Pogakar, United Arab Emirates (Emirates), which dominates current cycling; Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia; 2019 World Athletics Championships and of swimming in Doha from 2024; tennis tournament Doha, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the first pre-season game nba To be played in Abu Dhabi in October…

And it is not just about the events that are observed, but also about what is coordinated and generated from there and has a huge impact on the rest of the planet. Some of the world’s largest sports organizations benefit from funds from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Emirates. City Football Group According to the world’s tenth game empire is ForbesWho? 5 billion dollars Of value, the first after the great possessions of the United States. Group led by Sheikh of Abu Dhabi Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyana member of the family that governs, controls Abu Dhabi Manchester CityThe MLS. of New York CityThe Girona other spanish and troyes French Ligue 2, among others. And through its two airlines, the United Arab Emirates brings its image to the center of world sport.

Etihad and Emirates sponsorship

EtihadBased in Abu Dhabi, it in turn bears the names of the stadium and city shirt. 67 million Annually, according to information from the British press and his city’s F1 GP. EmiratesFrom Dubai, he owns the façade of another large area in England, armoryand carry his name in the center of the shirt gunnerthe latter pays something 60 million per annum, 10 less than the bill billed by him madrid To show up on the white part of your kit. In addition, it appears in the networks of Milan, Lyon or Benfica in elastic US OpenAs the main commercial partner in most F1 circuits, in cycling, golf, equestrian, rugby, rowing or cricket events… and also gives its name to the FA Cup, the great cup of English football.

Arrival in Abu Dhabi in October first nba game in the Middle East. be from pre seasonBut be: “It’s a important milestone For the global development of basketball. Abu Dhabi is a vibrant multicultural center With a proven track record to host world class events,” he argued to EL Mundo Ralph Rivera, responsible for the NBA in the Middle East. “Among other things, sport is used to promote values ​​such as Brotherhood, Respect and Inclusion“, he adds, and ends by admitting that” The goal of the NBA is to inspire and connect people,

most expensive world cup in history

Writing down an exact figure of all the money the UAE has spent is an impossible exercise, almost as much as doing it. QueueWhich has hosted over 500 sporting events over the past 15 years and is a great hero of the world sport this year for two reasons: the World Cup and owned PSGgoverning club al-khelaifik (who is also president of the Association of European Clubs) is from Doha and will be together during world Cup One Messi, Neymar and Mbappe, Whosoever . renewed with a salary of 100 million gross Financials per season raises many doubts about fair play. History’s most expensive World Cup may reach Total expenses 200,000 millionThe country is leaving “500 million a week”, according to its finance minister, and they are already dead, according to GuardianMore than 6,500 employees.

Qatar follows the same formula for its sponsorships as the Emirates. Qatar AirwaysIts main airline, has appeared on the T-shirt of Barcelona, ​​Bayern or Roma And now it looks like he will do it at PSG, the team owned by the Arab country, which has terminated the contract. 50 million annually with french hotelier Accor, Incidentally, this company is in charge of hotels for the next World Cup. A tournament marked in red in the Qatar line of operation, which will not stop here and whose great aspiration is to organize something Olympic Games, Doha They have already tried in 2016, 2020, 2024 and 2032, while Dubai has done so in 2028. They haven’t won any, but they will return to the field for 2036. Before that, in 2030, they would host asian games, “Son a national priority“The World Cup will serve as a vehicle for the nation to achieve the objectives set out in the National Vision of Qatar 2030”, he defines it from Doha, they promote in their official communication. A World Cup just an hour long and almost every star in the football world supported it. David BeckhamFor example, one is signed 277 million contract tournament and to be the country’s ambassador in the years to come.

They have a very high vision of the future when they invest in sports. They are making a lot.

Maite Ventura responsible for LaLiga in the Middle East

academia aspire is together QSI, the sports branch of Qatar State. Created in 2004, it caters to thousands of children and teenagers around the world with coaches brought from the best mines in Europe. Through Aspire, Qatar began buying some minor European football clubs years ago, such as Leoni Cultural of spain Greenhouse Eupen from Belgium. Experienced footballers from other leagues such as Ral Gonzalez or Xavi Hernandez have been signed. The model has changed and is in be involved in sports its audiovisual branch with agreement of 300 million over three years with UEFA to circulate Champions League Of the 22 countries that hold the rights to the series, the vast majority share in East and Africa.

maite venturaResponsible for LaLiga in the Middle East, this newspaper analyzes the increase in the number of sporting events in the region: “It is It cannot be denied that their economic potential is not shared by all Near. But that investment has been professionalized in recent years. Now that they invest in sports they have a much more forward-looking vision. they make a lot“, he summarizes, and acknowledges that “it is true that what is heard is what Qatar has spent on the World Cup, but they invest with great vision and strategy in transforming their leagues and associations. “

l ‘sport wash’

from Qatar, and also arrived through QSI Prime Minister Padelicircuit that has broken its normality World Paddle Tour. “The region is the new cradle of world sport,” says Pablo Gamez, Head of Business Development In paddle in, The biggest club franchise in the Middle East. “They’re building the best in the world and when you have Monopoly you can do whatever you want. No matter what, they’ll do what they want. And that goes for pedals and all sports. Champions League final will be played here, There is a lot of money, but they do not throw it away. They are given good advice.”

In Arab Saudi The situation is not much different. country through them sports ministrywork according to plan’Vision 2030‘ for which it is intended to organize 45 sporting events during this decade. Among them, a golf tournament that has traveled around the world has led to the release of some stars. PGA Tour and multiply the prizes to the winners, and the famous Spanish Super CupWhich in turn will be played on Saudi soil till 2029. 40 million annually,

‘Sportwashing’ aims to clean the reputation of countries which have questionable human rights issues through sport.

Tony Roca, CEO of the Sports Law Institute

Along with the World Cup, the Super Cup has been the tournament that has sparked the most controversy in our country and which the authorities have tried to defend the most, arguing for reforms in social freedom in Arabia, which is the most Critical voices warn. so called washing gameaccording to Guardian Saudi Arabia has invested more than a billion dollars in recent years. “The washing game es clean the reputation of those countriesThose who have questionable human rights issues through sports. bleach them“, he explains to EL Mundo Tony RockCEO of Sports Law Institute and director of Anthem, specialized office in football. “There is little to say from a legal point of view, but from a moral and ethical point of view,” he says.

That is the legal approach that critics of the practices of these countries have long sought. ,they are loading the market, The games clearly say ‘I’m not going to see that much money in my life’. If a federation asks for 50 lakhs to organize a world cup and they ask for 20… Inflacene Brutal and unfair competition,” explains Roca, who is now focusing on PSG and in dispute UEFA Financial Fair Games: “TV rights and ticket prices are what they are, you can’t change them much, so you only have sponsorship proceeds left. They hide the contribution of the state through sponsorship There are no sponsorships from state companies and at the market level. That’s where the trap is,” Roca denounced. And, meanwhile, the game is played in the deserts of the Middle East.

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