The migrant caravan that defies America’s summit


Thousands of migrant communities flee the border with Guatemala, while regional leaders debate their position in Los Angeles

Caravan of 15,000 migrants passing through Tapachula, Chiapas.
Caravan of 15,000 migrants passing through Tapachula, Chiapas.EFE
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No one knows for certain how many migrants are in the caravan that left Tapachula last Monday, near the border with Guatemala; conjunction They are 15,000. talk more than, Mexican immigration officials reduced it to 7,000. We’ll probably never have an exact answer, because in this type of escape, its protagonist’s paths usually split into gruesome passages at some point. What everyone agrees on is that this group of migrants, who have started their journey, coincides with America’s summit inauguratedMemory is highest.

The human tide slowly but surely moves toward the US border more than 3,000 km away, hoping to attract the attention of regional leaders gathered in Los Angeles. They leave Tapachula behind, a town that has become a kind of ‘prison’ for thousands of migrants who are forced to wait several months for their transit permits to be resolved. It is estimated that 35,000 people are trapped in this city with a population of 300,000. The border town has become a pressure cooker from which migrant caravans regularly leave, although the vast majority are forcibly disbanded by the National Guard.

In its first days on the road, the Caravan Challenged America summit hasn’t faced setbacks, but its organizers have expressed distrust. “It is imperative that this migrant crisis be dealt with in accordance with the law, with immediate one-year humanitarian visas, which are valid in the national territory,” demanded Luis Rey García Villagran, director and coordinator of the Center for Human Designation. mobilization, in the statements of If. As detailed by the worker, in the group Over 5,000 families travel, 93 pregnant women and 3,000 children,

Unlike other Callas, in which Hondurans, Haitians and Salvadorans were majority nationalities, on occasion, 80% of Caravan’s members are from Venezuela, The Ministry of the Interior estimates that between January and September 2021, irregular transit of Venezuelans increased by more than 1,000% compared to the same period last year. Their travel conditions have become so bad that, on January 21, Mexico changed the entry requirements and began demanding visas to enter the country. Guatemalan authorities have also discovered a Significant increase in Salvadoran gang members those who try to cross the border to escape the persecution done by the president nb bukeleSince the state of emergency was imposed on 27 March.

The caravan’s first objective will be to reach Mexico City, where they plan to report delays in resolving their immigration processes to the offices of the National Institute of Migration (INM). The spokesman for ‘Pueblos Sin Fronteras’, Ireneo Majica, is in constant contact with the organizers of the caravan and, as he explained to EL Mundo, “The Mexican government may not have so many people traveling on the roads, I think That they will reach an agreement to be able to solve this problem. We hope that the government will give them a chance to regularize themselves and not let them move to the capital.

In addition to the increasing militarization of the region and delays in visa processing, migrants face another serious problem upon arrival at the northern border: controversial title 42, This reform of the US public health law, enacted during Donald Trump’s time, was proposed as a measure to stop the spread of the coronavirus, but has become an unprecedented restriction of the right to asylum: border agents Right to expel irregular migrants immediatelyexcept minors alone. According to statistics from the Office of Customs and Border Protection, nearly two million people have been deported since Title 42 took effect.

For almost two years, this ‘bureaucratic wall’ has been responsible for recording record numbers on immigration to Mexico: it had the highest number of arrests in 2021, with 307,569 migrants, and asylum requests also, with 130,863, the highest. became the third country with the number. According to UNHCR, requests worldwide. Management of the migrant crisis is going to be one of the central issues of the US summit, but the main political actors from the countries involved will not be in Los Angeles.

Mexican President, Anders Manuel Lepez Obradorhave awaited the same day that the meeting was inaugurated to decline the invitation, “because not all of America’s countries have been invited”, as he explained, in reference to Notorious Exclusion of Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela, The Mexican leader described the blockade by the Cuban people as “genocide” and warned not to accept “hegemony by China, Russia or the United States”. Nor did Guatemala’s president, El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, and Honduras’ Alejandro Giammattei, and Honduras, Xiomara Castro, travel to Los Angeles, reflecting the low level of enthusiasm and support for Biden’s policy for the region.

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