The Miracle of Alejandro Sanz: “He performed in bars or brothels and he didn’t even have enough for a taxi … and overnight he had 80 fans on his portal”

They say that from all those years of playing guitar in Parque Z, with no time in the afternoon pool game Lonza, Gang fights for the prettiest girl Or for the best corner, Alejandro Sanz’s greatest achievement was stealing Mole’s girlfriend. teenage girlhood? Valor? We speak to Alfonso, who knows well All the seams and marks of that flamboyant Mortalz from the ’80s: I have seen the mole take out a gun from his bag and fire four shots into the air. One day he robbed you with a bat, and the next day he hugged you as if nothing had happened. No one laughs at him. no one coughs on it, but Sanz robbed him of a girl’s love,

El Mol is already dead, like many others, Leaving behind a dark legend of difficult neighborhoodscemented with the law of the border, where The dumbest families deal with drug clans And the heroine divided the lives of many children into two. At the time, everything was tried on the street, but there is a very dark body of drugs that doesn’t interest me, Alejandro Sanz told journalist Pepa Bueno on one occasion. I had friends who got into heroin and never came out of it again. I smoked a joint and the one who didn’t smoke lost it, but now I have kids and it’s not worth it.

Sanz, who fills Wanda Metropolitano tonight, is today the greatest ambassador of a reborn Mortalaz, Current heartbeat and slight muscleWhere light is winning the pulse of shadow. Alejandro lived at number 62 with his parents and his brother Jesus in Avenida del Doc García Tapia. From the age of 12 to the age of 25. Even today on the wooden plank of the lift on the fourth floor, Messages of love engraved by fans are iconic, the fugitive with serotonin, who slips through the door every day like snakes in search of myth. No one wants to delete the doodle; they are testament that once, there, were inhabited Madrid has given the most famous singer in the last 30 years,

The farm’s current concierge, Katy, was about twenty years old when Alejandro was nothing more than a child trapped behind his guitar day and night, I took care of a girl in 2B and I used to listen to her song in Roshni ki Aangan all the time, she remembers. his parents are already dead [l en 2005 y ella en 2012]But the flat was sold four-five years ago. And Alejandro still receives some letters.

In those years, all the children in Morata were looking for their place: Some were rockers, others badass, or mods, or heavy… And fights were the order of the day. The neighborhood was disputed, which neighborhood was not? And we weren’t stupid and if they came to touch our balls…, Alejandro’s brother Jesus explained to this newspaper.

Sikandar (right), with Amar Sawar.
Sikandar (right), with Amar Sawar.EM

Sanz has been more cautious in some interviews: I avoided everyone because I was the one who played the guitar and the guitarist couldn’t break an arm. But there was always someone who wanted to break their lips with the handsome face. And it is that Alejandro, in addition to the flamenco, which he sucked from the cradle—his father was a member of the group Los Tres de la Baha—, Formed a heavy metal band with his friend Carlos Rufo, today Melendi’s guitarist, before tasting the honey of pop. He was called the immortal rider, and They performed in brothels, in seed clubs … Sometimes, the money he earned was barely enough to pay for a taxi, recalls Pedro, a friend from those early years. It was Cappy, the Midas of music in those years (among others, the discoverers of Mecano), who gave him his first opportunity as a backup vocalist on guitar from other groups and singers. and then a miracle happened,

Launched at the age of 23 live fastWith the title that slipped onto the album cover like a stratospheric foreboding, This was the beginning of the Sanz incident, Three decades and 25 million album sales later, we’re still here.

Spain was caught in the pre-Olympic excitement of ’91 when fame spread like a whirlpool for Alejandro. To the dismay of the neighbors, A maximum of 80 fans can make a pilgrimage to the door of their house per day., Maariv says from the first floor, I have even kicked him out with the broom coming down the stairs. But the one who suffered most from the barbaric attacks of those electrified fans was Cayetano, the building’s then-retired gatekeeper. I only talk to the press if they pay me, he jokes.

live fast One million copies were sold. the money i make Alejandro first bought a Mercedes for his father and set up a hairdresser for his mother., Sonia Krugera was one of the first employees of the Alex hairdresser, named after the prodigal son. Maria, the mother, was a very special Andalusian, with lots of spark, always with music on campus, she recalls. He treated us girls like his daughters. If there were a lot of gigs, he’d bring us food… he’d make some fucking croquet. When Alejandro released second album M / sWell, that was madness. Clients brought in to sign, girls stood at the door… You have to see the stamina that Mara had, which never made a face.

In 98, Alejandro uncovered these passions.
In 98, Alejandro uncovered these passions.john ferrera

When the barber closed, Sonia decided to keep the business, which changed its original location to La Lonza (Mortalaz’s most famous pedestrian street of bars and entertainments). today, Barber Alex is still active below 300mLike a legacy with traces of nostalgia on Calle Marroquina, 78.

The Singer Who Loved the Gods Has a Day in Los Angeles to Pay Tribute -April 30, the day of Alejandro Sanz-, he complained on one occasion that there is not even a sad little pot in his honor in Madrid. said and done. In July 2020, when Spain suspended the first state of alarm, Sanz gave a surprise concert on the Estrela bridge, which connects Moratalaz and El Retiro with the M-30. After the lesson, he discovered a plaque Footbridge’s new name: Bridge of the Parthian Heart, It was not a street, but at least it left its mark on a small piece of concrete in the city.

On the other side of the bridge, very close to Alex the hairdresser and Lonza, Hermanos Silvosa, one of the florist’s owners, still boasts of the first monument of his most illustrious countryman, When he said he didn’t even have a vase, we paid him this tribute, explains Antonio. At the entrance of the business, in one of the gardens that adorn the entrance, a statue in the shape of a heart, over a basin used for washing wool, gives Alejandro back these three decades of glory. She always remembers the queues standing on this pavement to buy flowers on Mother’s Day. And, by the way: we arrived earlier than Almeida. Antonio Florist, who hangs around the same villa as the singer, I knew even the bravest years of Mortalaz that no longer exists, I even flirted with drugs, but I was lucky I ran out of time. Many were left behind me; Out of 50 friends, maybe 35 are gone. As I am saying this they cool me down. But Antony the hull of the matter flutters: Today people are happy to be here. This is a working class neighborhood where we all know each other. We just need to get the chairs off the road.

The bar area of ​​La Lonza, Mortalaz.
The bar area of ​​La Lonza, Mortalaz.blonde eve

In this sentimental atlas through the area that first marked Alexander, a neighbor gives one last clue. +Es+ times, which is, once again, a tribute to the record M / s Famous singer. One of his most famous songs was written for the owner, he confesses.

– Were they boyfriends? what song?

– Go and ask around. I said nothing…

It is Tuesday afternoon in Lonza. The metal on the bar + ES + is off. today is nostalgia day,

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