The misfortune of the 21-year-old Ernesto, the victim of the gas explosion: “His dream was to work with his brother. I don’t know how we’re going to get out of this”


The father of a sadly broken young man remembered the young man, a boy whom “everybody loved”

woman affected by explosion
The woman affected by the blast packed her belongings.Daniel Somolinos

With all your heart, with those brief but meaningful words, describe Miguel López to your son this Saturday ErnestoThe 21-year-old, who lost his life with his partner Miguel Alexander, last Friday explosion Which happened in the middle of the district of Salamanca. He was an extraordinary person. We don’t know how we’re gonna get out of thisFather told Gran Madrid yesterday by telephone.

Ernesto was the youngest of four brothers and lived with his parents in Recas, a small municipality in Toledo. he was the only one who lived with us, His brothers are older. The next one takes him 11 years, and the other 12 and 17, Miguel told yesterday. It was his mother’s whim. It’ll cost me but she ain’t gonna get out of itman added.

he was a classy athleticalso remembered about the young man who I used to play since I was a kid at the local sports club, He did so in all categories by the age of 19. Then he did not continue because there was no senior team and he went to work, said the father of the deceased yesterday, known for his profession as a taxi driver in the municipality of Toledo.

Ernesto worked for years in the company his brother is in elder. He studied the initial cycle of cold and heat and alternative energy. That was his illusion. I studied him so that I could work with his brother. He was the happiest man in the world with his job, his friends and his girlfriend, the father added in the afternoon while waiting with his family at the Toledo funeral home for the arrival of his son’s body. We have chosen to come here so that only friends and their loved ones come, indicated the father of the victim, who, along with his family, wanted to avoid mass visits at this terrible time for him.

We are not believers, we are going to perform his last rites and that is what we will do. There will be no mass. we will do something on a personal level With ashes, but my wife doesn’t want to be separated from them, Miguel reported yesterday, still with the pain of losing his father only six months ago. Tomorrow we were supposed to leave his ashes in a small field of his, but it happened…, the man ends his story.

public school Caesar Cabas Caballero, where the young man studied, also wanted to dedicate a few lines to him the day after the incident. On behalf of the entire Faculty, we would like to express our deep pass me family Ernesto, a former student of the center, who died yesterday [por el viernes] Sadly and support them in these difficult times, giving them all their support and condolences, the school wrote on the social network Facebook.

It’s a tragedy

Ernesto, along with Miguel Alexander, the other plumber who died in the explosion, monopolized a large portion of the comments that were heard this Saturday in the surroundings of General Pardius, 35. poor thing it’s a tragedyOne present contemplating the stamp said in astonishment, as dozens of residents of nearby buildings, in Portal 33 and Ayala 78, waited to recover some of their belongings.

Ambient noise was put out by some of the suitcases of those affected, who paraded along the asphalt after being able to collect their essentials. I have taken the documents, the hard drive of the computer and some clothes… Fortunately, being a telecommuter, I had my computer, wallet and mobile with me. I put everything in a bag, along with some clothes, and I got away from here as far as I could, for mental health, a tenant in Alicante confirmed, carrying two full shopping bags.

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