The Most Authentic Red Hot Chili Peppers Burst La Cartuja de Sevilla


The concert not only marked the start of their new world tour, but also marked the return of guitarist John Frusciante to the group.

Michael Peter Balzarri 'Flea' (L) and 'John Frusciante' in Seville.
Michael Peter Balzarri ‘Flea’ (L) and ‘John Frusciante’ in Seville.Jose Manuel VidalEFE
  • autobiographical Acid, Crack, and Rat Pooper Joints: The Wild Childhood of Flea, Bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers

California band nearly 60,000 fans red Hot Chili Peppers stayed in tonight of stadiumSeville’s Charterhouse A concert that not only marked the start of their new world tour, but also saw the guitarist return to the group John FruscianteWith bands at the level of the most legendary groups in history.

It is not only a journey to get back on the road, but also serves as a presentation “Unlimited Love”An album that, despite the fact that it was released on April 1, its songs have been sung by the public as if it were a true compilation of its biggest hits.

And it is not just a tour, but a list of appointments to fill stadiums, quite a challenge, however, there are signs of work to be done, given how they have filled one of the largest stadiums in Spain. .

your new theme ‘Black Summer’, ‘Here Ever After’, or ‘Aquatic Mouth Dance’There is nothing to envy the classics of the band, which, alas, are the ones that caused the biggest applause among the people at the Sevillian Stadium.

Of course, any musical innovation that the group may bring to the fore is able to compete with the acceptance they continue to have. ‘Californication’ hey ‘Under the bridge’And, as the entire group’s history is about to turn 40, it’s in favor of John Frusciante once again taking over the band’s lead guitar.

Their hands can be seen on their latest album, the group’s twelfth studio album, produced by Rick RubinSeamlessly fixed in the recording studio with the Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘I’m with you’in 2011, and also responsible for the legendary ‘Blood sugar sex magic’ (1991), ‘Californication’ (1999), ‘By the way’ (2002) Y ‘Stadium Arcadium’ (2006).

with the sound of Anthony Kiedis, Michael Peter Balzary -Flea- to the bottom and Chad Smith On drums, the California group Tonight has shown once again that it remains a benchmark in the fusion of traditional funk with rock and alternative rock.

A date with the group’s classic staging, without keyboards, one minute sports tattoos with Flee shirtless, yellow dye in his hair, shorts and socks. Los Angeles LakersAnd Frusciante is more sober, with jeans and a polo shirt, signing off on a ropes duel that lasts more than two hours that sometimes feels harsh, but always plentiful.

And it has done so before the human tide that came tonight from a good part of the world to the Andalusian capital, where there was a real babel tower A number of people, identified by band T-shirts and flags of their countries of origin, have organized a special traffic plan to control everything the city has to do with access to concerts.

So that there is no shortage of anything, Californians beck david campbell-beck-y stephen lee brunner-thundercat-, They have warmed the public two hours before the opening act of the date, and everything has also come together so that the ambient temperature is ideal for the concerts to start shortly after ten o’clock at night.

Right after the concert, the team that accompanies the group begins to disassemble the impressive instrument that has been organized for the appointment, which will travel from tomorrow. BarcelonaWhere the Red Hot Chili Peppers will be presented to the public next Tuesday, June 7 Olympic Stadium,

On this world tour they will visit major cities in Germany, Europe and the United States, such as Nijmegen (Netherlands), Florence (Italy) or Cologne and Hamburg, and are already in their own country, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Nashville or Detroit.

A journey that begins on the premise that it appears to have been a success even before it began, because only in Spain 75,000 tickets sold in a week Everything is getting ready when the first concerts were announced, and with full houses expected in the Catalan capital in four days.

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