The most bizarre performances at Eurovision 2022


Norway, San Marino, Georgia, Australia and Romania present the most unique songs in a contest the geeks already got rid of

Norwegian Subwoofer Sing
Norwegian subwoofer will sing ‘Give That Wolf a Banana’.World
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Only those who don’t know anything about the festival of Eurovis But while they preach like the best gods and goddesses, they ignore that we are facing exceptional demand and quality competition, both in the musical and vocal fields, and of course in the audiovisual sector. like fricadas Chikiliquatre or one of them pavo dustin That Spain and Ireland sent for the contest in 2008 no doubt damaged the image of the contest and gave it a good slab. Kitch Above.

But the reality is that most of the candidates presenting the forty countries that compete each year take the celebration very seriously and do their best to win the precious glass microphone. that yes, everyone wonders what he can do and imagines his spectacle three time minutes As you think best. Because it’s still a fun media show in which, fortunately, there’s no room for prejudice. And in this 2022 edition, which celebrates the first semi-final today, Tuesday, there is no shortage of bizarre proposals that can only be welcomed.

Italian rapper Akil Lauro.
Italian rapper Akil Lauro.World

Norwegian subwoofer They certainly do not go unnoticed. Since he won his pass to Turin in February in the Scandinavian country’s public television selection contest, he yellow wolves They have become the undisputed Eurovision heroes, and for the moment they continue to maintain the secret with which the actors hide behind the masks with which they take the stage. We are facing candidacy in the purest style mask singer, The television program that has conquered half the world. The voices are live at Eurovision, if a misguided person assumes that the subwoofers don’t sing and that everything is a nautical thing to live with on the staff. And they can get very high in the rankings, mainly thanks to televotingbecause your cancer, give that wolf a banana, is a crazy weird bomb. And the choreography is one of the highlights of the year. They are taking a long time in the Canary Islands to hire a Norwegian band to promote even more the best bananas in the world in Europe.

San Marino, the smallest country participating in the Eurofestival this year, will not go unnoticed. The election as a representative of the prestigious was already surprising akil lauro, who had just attended San Remo, which could have made him the standard bearer of his home country, Italy. Achille Lauro, like some others unclassified, gives everything so that Serensima Repubblica reaches the grand finals on Saturday. explain stripper, and does it with Dress from cowboy and his feather boa, and a. uploaded to mechanical bull, As was said about Lola Flores, don’t miss it.

Georgia brings it
Georgia brings this year the Circus Miracles group and the “Lock Me In” theme.World

Georgia doesn’t have the palm to shoot rockets at Eurovision. And this week the trend is hardly going to change. but their representatives circus mirkus, will fill the turn stage with pure and simple quirks. We are a rock and experimental music band made up of three artists who met at a circus academy Tbilisi. And now they apply all the themes they’ve learned to engage the public with an extraordinary number and a lot of personality around their song, lock me inside There are no half measures this year with Georgians; Either you really like the offer or you find it creepy.

The same question is repeated every year around these dates. why participate Australia In Eurovision? The ocean giant, with a very high percentage of the population of European descent, has followed the competition with great interest for decades. In 2015, the European Broadcasting Union invited the country to participate in the competition as a special guest in recognition of that loyalty. And Australians earned the right to live. Since then send true gems. However, this year it is not clear how his candidature will work out. sheldon rileyOne of the version’s great male vocals—though he has a lot of competition in it—is the most representative. baroque, Stepping onto the stage of Turin with its distinctive quarry facade, whose design extends over her hands and fingers, and almost in wedding dress with a long train that allows her to step and roll over the stairs used by her. Suffering from possibility. Much unknown about how the Australian strangeness would be obtained.

Finally, in this classification it is necessary to make room for WRSrepresentatives of Romanian, Everything about his candidacy is in capital letters, a sticky. So much, so much, so sticky… that it’s alluring, compelling. The Eurofan world is fascinated by WRS; Letting go of professional juries, it’s more difficult to get more votes from the public for your song. Not so in Spain, where it’s going to rain numbers. And it is that our Romanian hero blinks all possible for our country and sings the chorus in the language of Cervantes! all in pre-eurovision partiesNothing is sung and danced except that”Hello my children”. This is already the history of the festival. WRS Proposal, lmme -Even the title is in Spanish-, it is facialist Abundance and pure action in essence. You listen to him and you see him and you smell the churra fritanga, you imagine bumper cars, they want to get you out of hand. Seeing the Romanian in the final on Saturday will not be easy. But how not to worship him? So if you don’t want to tell, don’t miss the semifinals.

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