The most violent division of the front that broke Las Ventas bars on the afternoon of the Champions League final: “When Vinicius scored he messed it up”


It is Mercy, one of those attacking two waiters on the afternoon of the Champions League final. “I could lose my sight. I suffer from perforation of the right eye”

Members of Atal Front
Members of the Athletic Front show their scarves during the Rosiblanco team meetingJavier Barbancho
  • planning Four Atlantic Front supporters arrested after attacking two waiters in two bars in Ventaso

Davy, a Casa García waiter who was beaten up last Saturday by several violent members of the Athletic Front, arrived at Gregorio Maran Hospital, where he remains hospitalized, with a perforation in his right eye. It was broken in two, the doctors told me. He repaired the lens, the iris and I have had a complete rebuild of the eye. They’ll Do Everything They Can So That You Can Get Your Vision BackExplains the attack to Gran Madrid.

Everything basically happened when Vinicius scored. At the time, there were throngs of people going in and out of the establishment, chanting in favor of Liverpool, drinking liters at the door of the family business. He told me he was from the Atlantic Front. They came from bulls, although some were considered anti-bullfighting.Kindly remember. His father, the manager ordered him to stop the extremists from entering the premises. We top. They started pushing me. to call me ‘little piece’, Then my father and my brother Douglas came out. Atletico de Madrid’s fanatical fans embraced Douglas. I tried to hook my brother. At that point they would see me insecure, I think, and they started throwing glasses, bottles and everything.

A piece of glass hit his head, injuring his eye. I went to the kitchen. There was a lot of blood in it. After a while I found out that he had been arrested, Casa García, the most popular area after the bulls, opened about six or seven years ago. Many fans were watching the game on television on the day of the Champions League final. Some militants commented that they had been invited to the youth bullfight by Gonzalo Caballero, the bullfighter who harassed the front in the previous league match. However, the bullfighter has denied this and indicated that he has not invited any members of the front.

In addition to seriously injuring Dayavi, They beat up the waiter at El Ruedo (call Almera, 5) and tried to steal one of the bull heads hanging from the Cesar bar From Alkal Street. In the video, a man wearing a red shirt is seen pulling down the bull’s head. Police arrested four of them. The red-coloured gangster seen in the video. There is another one with a black t-shirt that also reigned. He was between 25 and 32 years old. They were screaming. Singing. The flag of Real Madrid was taken from a child in the bar. Every three hours a doctor fixes his eye. There is a possibility that you will lose your sight. He hasn’t filed a complaint yet. today [por ayer] An agent told me that as soon as I leave here, I should go to the medical report and file a complaint.

The moment detained Athletic Front supporters try to steal a bull’s headWorld

The company, awarded the exploitation of Plaza 1, Las Ventas, has split after these events. How do we know who the bullfighters are going to invite? Like many other matadors, Gonzalo Caballero asked us for tickets. we can’t control it, What happened is unbearable. We solemnly decline, feel sorry for the majority shareholder of the company and the Managing Director of Nautalia, Rafael Garca Garrido.

Many of the people involved in the fights and attacks at the Ventas bar Known for his association with the Atlantic Front, He has nothing to do with the Front, goes his own way, although he has many friends and does not even enter the stadium’s cheering stand, says one of the leaders of the Athletic Front, whose most fanatical fans are. events are staged. Valdebebas and Manchester who punished the club.

One of the alleged attackers has been identified as a former leader of the Atlantic Front and several well-known members of the group are from the sales area and the municipality of Parla. Police sources confirm that Among those involved and arrested are Atletico de Madrid fans with a history of injuries and fighting. And among them at least once was one of the most violent factions of the Atlantic Front.

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