The murder of a journalist in Mexico, the ninth in 2022


The Sinaloa Prosecutor’s Office found the body of Luis Enrique Ramárez, one of the most recognizable voices in the Sinaloa press, wrapped in a plastic bag.

The state police is today guarding the area where the journalist was killed.STR

abduction of armed men Luis Enrique Ramirez Last Wednesday, May 4, at around 10:00 p.m., the writer and journalist were on their way to a store near their home. Next morningThe prosecutor’s office found his body wrapped in a black plastic bag, On the outskirts of Sinaloa’s capital, Culiacán. He was 59 years old, the founder and director of Fuentes Fidedignas, a contributor to various national media and One of the most eminent communicators of the state, But the wave of violence that permeated the Mexican press pulled him with him. Ramrez is the ninth journalist murdered in Mexico so far this year.

The scene where investigators found the abduction took place did not invite optimism. There were many bloodstains on the floor and one of the sandals Ramrej was wearing. witnesses said that The journalist confronted the kidnappers and they shot him. The outcome of the tragic incident was confirmed by Sinaloa Prosecutor Sandra Bruna Quinez via her social network: “Our sincere condolences to his family and our commitment to work to clarify this fact.” If we look at the figures, then the chances of finding the culprits are very less. More than 90% of crimes in Mexico occur without punishment.

“I feel the imminent danger that I am about to follow, because There’s a pattern to the four recent murders that I fit into.” Ramárez assured Noroste newspaper in 2015. This veteran journalist was one of the most famous faces of Sinaloa media: in his beginning he worked for the newsrooms of the local newspapers ‘Noroste’ and ‘El Debate’ and, currently, collaborates. As a political analyst and columnist in media such as ‘Millenio’ or ‘Viceversa’.

Between 1992 and 1997, he moved to Mexico City to escape the dangers in his native Culiacán and worked for ‘El Financiero’, ‘El Nacional’ and ‘La Jornada’. In the year 2010, threat The journalist was again forced to seek refuge in the Mexican capital, where he placed himself under the protection of the NGO Article 19. Apart from his journalistic aspect, Ramirez also wrote two books: ‘La Ingoburnable’ and ‘La Muela’. Dell knowledge’. His work was honored with 14 state and national journalism awards.

The year has been particularly violent for the country’s press, with nine journalists murdered in just four months exercising their profession: Margarito Martinez and Lourdes Maldonado, in Tijuana; Roberto Toledo and Armando Linares in Michoacan; Heber López in Oaxaca; Jorge Luis in Camaro, Sonora; Juan Carlos Muiz, in Zacatecas; Jose Luis Gamboa, in Veracruz and lastly in Ramirez, Sinaloa. Unions, NGOs and journalists’ unions have taken to the streets several times in recent months to condemn the delicate situation the union is going through, operating in an extremely violent context, with little government investment in conservation programs And the level is outrageous.

country’s president, Andres Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), Even this has not helped to improve the situation. The Mexican leader maintains a media war with journalists criticizing his government, whom he calls “mercenaries” and “coup makers”. Creating an environment hostile to the press. AMLO has created a weekly segment in its press conferences titled ‘Who’s in the Press Lies’ and after a journalistic investigation revealed his son’s lavish lifestyle in the US, the president publicly estimated his income and assets. dared to reveal it. The journalist who signed the news: “He earns about 15 times more than me,” assures AMLO.

López Obrador on his way to become President of Mexico Worst rate of violence. A total of 58 communicators have been killed since assuming power on 1 December 2018. their predecessors, Enrique Pea Nieto and Felipe Calderón, They registered 47 and 48 in their respective six-year terms and AMLO still has more than two years left in office. Due to the high level of violence and a “monstrous spiral of impunity”, Reporters Without Borders considers Mexico “the most dangerous country in the world without an armed conflict for the press”.

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