The National Police is looking for 10 dangerous fugitives found in Spain

national police launched a campaign to find out 10 fugitives wanted by various national and international courts, Fugitives with various criminal profiles have been included in the list of most wanted, some of them under search and capture for more than 15 years, and he may be hiding in our country. Citizen support may be decisive for its location, which is why a specific email address is enabled, [email protected] So that citizens who believe they have any information that could lead to their location, communicate this confidentially to investigators. Also any information about his whereabouts can be given on 091.

In the year 2021 alone, the fugitive section has participated in the arrest of 417 Prafugos of justice and the number of arrests, national and international, for various claims since 2017 is 2,272.

For the location of many of them, international cooperation has been important, as cooperation is embodied through tools such as European network of active search teams of fugitives -ENFAST-, is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for immediate action aimed at locating and arresting the fugitives. During the year 2022, the National Police will preside over the ENFAST network, which is made up of police officers from 27 EU countries and other allied countries, such as USA, Switzerland or Norway, The development and outstanding results of this unit have made it possible to position the National Police and Spain as a leader in arrests in Europe, with the Fugitive Locations Section assuming the presidency of ENFAST.

10 wanted fugitives

Derek McGraw Ferguson wants by Homicide, He is the alleged killer of a waiter who died in June 2007 after being shot in the chest in the parking lot of a tavern in the British city. Glasgow, The bar’s patrons raised an alarm, but he died on arrival at the hospital. Investigators believe there were two people waiting for a waiter in the parking lot Derek McGraw Ferguson and another man whose body was found weeks later in an oil drum in the River Clyde. Agents are also investigating Derek in this case.

The fugitive is 1.55 meters tall, has light skin and marked alopecia, although he could have received a hair transplant or wore a wig. simultaneously, part of his left ear is missing, which could be corrected by plastic surgery. In his day he got many tattoos on his left arm: a heart, an arrow and a dagger. He is dangerous and can be armed. He is 58 years old.

Diego Daro Gonzalez Ghersik40, wanted for the alleged sexually abused his own daughter, small. The girl’s mother said she realized that the minor had visited web pages of sexual contact (rape of minors, pornography…) on several occasions. In addition, she noticed that she always returned sad and disappointed from her father’s scheduled visits, so she began to suspect that something might happen. After witnessing the situation, the minor’s mother asked her on several occasions the reason for this condition and, although at first the minor refused to give reasons, she eventually revealed that, for five years, she had suffered abuse. fell. Furthermore, she said that her father had warned her that what was happening between them was a secret that she should not tell anyone, even showing her a “compromise of silence” with her fingers. so that it may be strengthened. The confidentiality that a minor should have. Help.

The fugitive is 1.70 meters tall and has black eyes. He has tattoos on both legs, on both hands and on his back as well. Can wear earrings on the left brow,

Viviana Andrea Vallejo Gutierrez facilitated the arrival of women in Spain, from whom they collected a debt which they had to repay by exercising prostitucin, He ran several houses dedicated to it, and smuggled cocaine into those houses. Profits were laundered through wire transfer and money transfer. Vallejo Gutierrez is characterized by a non-existent human empathy. His actions have caused irreparable harm to many families of different nationalities, making him an extremely dangerous international criminal. She is 1.48 m tall, very slim and has green eyes. He is 36 years old and a mole between his nose and lip, located on his left side, is easy to recognize thanks to a marked Galician accent and very well-cared-for hands.

Manuel Blacksmith Muoztogether with another person, Man allegedly murdered in Mexico City Attacking her with a cutting tool injuring her neck and cervical and thoracic trauma. He later hid his body inside a drum in a godown located in the same building, in which they were filled with cement. It is about a man who usually causes problems in his daily life, able to take the life of another person without remorse. He is 33 years old, 1.75 meters tall and has a slim stature. His hair is brown and he has very light blue eyes. He has a surgical scar on his left hand and an anchor tattoo on his left middle finger. He speaks English perfectly.

Norbert Kohler 44 years. August 30, 2017 posesin de . was in 212 kilograms of cocaine Mazdahonda in the city of Madrid. He is also being investigated for money laundering related to drug trafficking. In addition, during 2000 and 2001 he participated in nine cases of robbery in the Czech Republic as a gang member. In some of these cases, they pretended to be part of a police patrol, thus stopping victims on the road to drive them to the holiday home of one of the group members or to another location. Was kidnapped in a van. They were held and tortured until victims gave them keys to safes, house keys, access codes, credit cards with their keys, cash, vehicles and other valuables. The fugitive is 1.86 meters tall, has pale blue eyes and is considered extremely dangerous. You can be armed.

Luis Martinez Calleja is a known criminal who specializes in alunizajes, On 9 March 2014, when he was an intern in Madrid I. atonement center of (Alcal Meco), he escapes, taking advantage of the transfer to the Alcal de Henares hospital. It has innumerable legal claims for the commission of multiple moon landings and high-profile robberies of all kinds with force. He is extremely aggressive in the presence of the police, attacking agents on several occasions. He is 29 years old, 1.68 m tall and has black hair. He has tattoos on both his left and right wrists. Her mark on her upper lip is striking.

Nikolay Shtarev Kurkuchev53-year-old, the alleged leader of an international organization dedicated to drug trafficking in large quantities From South America to Europe via containers. It is a fully structured organization composed mainly of Colombian, Bulgarian and Spanish individuals, dedicated to the introduction of large quantities of cocaine into Spain and the rest of Europe using sea containers shipped from Colombia under the guise of commercial transactions . legal. The fugitive would be the head of the organization in Bulgaria and the person receiving the cocaine in that country. It has the necessary contacts to receive cocaine-laden containers in Greece and Bulgaria, as well as the necessary infrastructure to separate the drug from the rest of the cargo. She has many tattoos on both hands, fair skin and blue eyes. He is dangerous and can be armed.

Ramon Saavedra Lopez Is charged Homicide, Along with others, he went to his boss’s house because he had not paid her 200 euros. When the victim was about to enter her house, the defense pushed her inside covered with balaclavas and gloves. According to the statement from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, one of them pressed him hard at the height of his neck, which made him stop and he died of suffocation. Then they went to the room where the deceased’s mother was, tied her to some bridles and shook her and beat her and confiscated the 50 euros she was wearing in her dressing gown. The fugitive is 38 years old, dangerous and reacts extremely aggressively to stressful situations. It is characterized by a special elusive and ability to develop. He is 1.65 meters tall and has brown hair.

Manuel Bellido Moreno He was sentenced to nine years in prison in the final verdict. The offense of issuing and distributing counterfeit notes, He is considered the largest currency counterfeiter in Spain, and is accused of being a member of a criminal organization dedicated to counterfeiting high value bills, where Belido’s main task will be the distribution of counterfeit currency throughout Spain during the year 2013. . He is 46 years old, he is two meters tall and both his skin and his eyes are brown. It has easy access to elements of documentation, falsifying credit cards and traveler’s checks, which make it difficult to detect.

Tom Richard Diane Michaelson You can use other names like vermiren hey Heinrich Schmidt, is 46 years old and of Belgian origin. He is allegedly involved in offenses related to drug trafficking, Money laundering You arms smuggling, He is considered a dangerous fugitive because he may have had firearms. He is of average complexion and has blue eyes.

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