The “old machine” and 10 warning messages from Rafa Nadal


Since January, at the Australian Open, Mallorcan began to reveal his tired coexistence with pain.

Rafa Nadal, 14.  after winning
Rafa Nadal after winning his 14th Roland Garros.EFE

Since last January, Rafael Nadal The pain caused by the incurable disease of his left leg and the prospect of experiencing prolonged rest began to prepare the field with intentional messages about his exhausting co-existence. In May, at Master 1000 in Rome, all alarms went off, assuring that there was a limit to the resistance.

And after defeating Roode in the final, Nadal came clean. Mallorcan revealed that he had infiltrated Paris and would undergo radiofrequency treatment to avoid the pain. These were the 10 commercials released before their 14th Roland Garros final.

28 January. After defeating Matteo Berrettini in the semi-finals of the Australian Open, he opened the spigot of his first grenade. “There were days when I could train for 20 minutes, another 45 and many others when I couldn’t hit the track. I worked hard, I knew how to keep a creative attitude and a very positive spirit And it has been instrumental in giving me a chance to come back. Being in the final of this tournament means a lot to me, I can’t put into words what I feel because recently I have lost my team and family. Was chatting about the prospect of saying goodbye together. Now I enjoy it more than ever because there have been times I’ve been close to never getting something like this again.”

May 5. In Master 1000 in Madrid, he again warns of the tremendous sacrifices to which he is subjected. “I have been paralyzed for many days of my life. I have a chronic and incurable injury.”

May 10. On the eve of the tournament in Rome, he warned that the recovery time would be long. “I’m not in the shape I was at the beginning of the year because I haven’t touched a racket for six weeks. My body is like an old machine, it takes time to oil it. I have to trust my body again.” From, to feel comfortable.”

12 May. After the loss to Shapovalov in Rome, everything fell into disrepair. “In the middle of the second set I felt a lot of pain in my left leg. I’m not injured, I’m a player who lives with an injury. I play because it makes me happy, but the pain takes away the joy.” I take a lot of painkillers so I can train every day. I can’t walk for long periods of time. I don’t pretend to be in perfect condition, I hope I can go out on the court. If I don’t take any anti-inflammatory, I’m going to go limp.

20 mayo, Roland Garros preview. “I’m almost 36 years old, I’ve won here 13 times and I know what’s going on. The pressure I put on myself is greater than the pressure coming from outside.”

23 May, Defeats Jordan Thompson in the first round at Roland Garros. “At my age, soon to be 36, it’s a gift to be here.”

May 29, He pressures the Roland Garros outfit to play with natural light against Djokovic and warns again that if he loses to the Serbian it could be his last game in Paris. “I like to play during the day. I know Roland Garros during the day, not so much at night, and I like to play more during the day. I don’t know what could happen, I know every game Maybe the last one.

1 June. After defeating Djokovic. “I said already in Rome that having my doctor here helps me do something. I’ll talk about that when the tournament is over. I do everything I can to try to play in the best conditions Tonight I haven’t won anything, I’m only in the quarterfinals. The only thing I’ve done is to give myself a chance to get into the semifinals. It’s been a great night for me and my goal today tennis standards. The public probably already knows that I will not be here more often”.

June 2, before the last step. “I’m very frank, I don’t need to hide anything at my age. I have it on my leg and it’s hard for me if I can’t find a solution. We haven’t found a solution, but we’re going to find it.” Will keep fighting for it. Playing in the semi-finals gives me a lot of money.” Energy, we’ll see how it goes down here (left leg) … at no time do I intend to look like a farewell.

3 June. Colophone. “I prefer a new leg to win the final, because a new leg will allow me to be happier in my day-to-day. Winning fills you with adrenaline, but life is more important than any title. I have I have a life ahead of me and I think I’ve always tried to generate as many options as possible, but I have a life ahead of me and I’d love to be able to play with my friends in the future, so Amateur , and that is now an unknown quantity. My happiness goes beyond any title. Not having the pain that hurts me almost every day would change my life.”

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