The old woman was allegedly poisoned by her niece and actor Luis Lorenzo had 200 times more cadmium than normal.


According to medical reports, the octogenarian may have ingested the metals orally.

Luis Lorenzo and his wife, Arancha Palomino, go to court to sign
Luis Lorenzo and his wife, Arancha Palomino, go to court to signJose Ramon HernandoEuropa Press
  • planning Luis Lorenzo’s lawyer points to possible contamination of his partner’s aunt due to her consumption of fish with mercury
  • planning Woman’s family allegedly poisoned by her niece and actor Luis Lorenzo: “Isabelle was afraid of them”

Isabel, an 85-year-old woman who was allegedly poisoned by her niece and actor Luis Lorenzo, had 200 times more cadmium than normal and Manganese accumulation 20 times higher than normal In the human body, according to the first results of autopsy. The forensic report, therefore, supports the hypothesis of the civil guard and the old woman’s family, who insist that the death was caused by acute heavy metal intoxication.

Medical reports also point to the possibility that these two heavy and very toxic metals are in high concentrations. can be administered orally to the elderly, That is, “according to El Confidential, by ingesting products containing high amounts of cadmium and manganese. These two heavy metals are also present in the environment in dyes, batteries and fungicides, and in industrial areas. Instead, advocates of luis lorenzoFrancisco Prez questions the evidence that convicts the actor and his partner, and says it could have existed. a past contamination of the deceased due to habitual consumption of fish along with mercury.

Last Thursday the Civil Guard arrested Lorenzo and his accomplice, Arancha, who had been charged with the crime of murder, possibly for living with The legacy of the old woman who had amended it in favor of her niece months before her death. Legal sources said that after deposing before the court, he was temporarily released and the magistrate forced him to appear in the court every week.

Both involved have denied the facts and indicated that they are lying a lot. They assure that they took care of the old woman and that a month before the death of the octogenarian in Madrid they hired a woman to look after her. “We have full faith in the work that is doing justice and I ask that all media respect a constitutional right, which is Presumption of innocence. I am sure it will be cleared. I just want it to happen as soon as possible.”

The woman died in June 2021 at the couple’s home in Rivas Vesiamdrid due to an alleged natural death due to dementia and is buried in her homeland, Asturias. However, the victim’s brother doubted this version and requested an autopsy, which was eventually granted by the judge.

Forensics found the presence of two heavy metals in the woman’s body in high quantities, which led to her death. Isabel, according to the autopsy, died of poison and the cause of her death is ‘violent/murder’.

Then the agents of the Civil Guard’s Homicide Group took over the investigation. He found that during his stay in the detainees’ house, the deceased had spent a large sum of money and he signed a new will, in which he left his entire inheritance to the actor’s wife.

The judge, who has blocked the inheritance until the conclusion of the investigation, ordered a search of the detainees’ home to find the alleged material used to poison, in addition to evidence of the alleged murder.

According to the progress ABC made today, the agents also found about 100,000 euros in cash in the search of the house. In addition, matrimonial checks indicated that the couple had about 50,000 euros in their bank accounts.

As for the possible pecuniary motive of the alleged murder, the actor’s lawyer says that there is a will from May 2021 in which the direct relatives of the actor’s partner were already excluded and they made it to this universal heir. According to the defendants’ version, Arancha P’s aunt wanted to come to live in Madrid and settled with the couple in Rivas, as he was in charge of taking them to specialists after being diagnosed with dementia. In fact, prove a visit to various medical centers. On the other hand, the Civil Guard has no record of the said diagnosis but suspects that it was a maneuver for the doctor to certify a natural death as a result of that disease .

The prosecutor’s office last week did not seek prison for the couple, among other reasons, because the patriarchal finding has not been concluded and because it must be proved that heavy metals present in the victim’s body poisoned her and were supplied by third parties. reached his body. ,

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