The PP and the Left unite against the “population” of Woakes to ask for the elimination of high positions in Madrid


They censor that Abascal’s party has a “Vase Vice President” in Castilla y León, “without functions or powers” and with two general directors.

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Vocal managed to unite PP And for the first time in years to a left-back in the House of Madrid. The government of Isabel Díaz Ayusso, the architect of this unexpected common front, has been a proposal to eliminate 76 senior officials and 43 advisers – nearly a third of the structure – which this Thursday was harshly criticized by the rest of the parties along with parliamentary representation.

In a group led by Rocco Monasterio, they defend that the measure would save 18.5 million euros per year In a tremendous energy and supply crisis like the present one. What does family, companies, and anyone with common sense do in a situation like this? Clearly, cut wasteful expenditure, argued the deputy Iago Henrequez de Luna during his defense.

pp and both Ms. Madrid, PSOE You United we can They came out on iron for making Vox’s democracy ugly by asking Ayuso to tighten his belt for a while in Castilla y León, Santiago Abascal’s party now works in coalition with a vice president, Juan García-Gallardo, without functions or powers, that the two general directors report to him and that he has appointed his cousin as chief of staff.

What happens, that the citizens of Castilla y León are not going through the same crisis as Madrid?, countered popularPedro Muoz Abrins, They lose the breadth of perspective when one puts on earmuffs: there are 22 ministries, three vice presidents and no more than 360 advisors, doubling the total number of directors, deputy directors, general directors, temporary positions, deputy directors, etc. . ., in Madrid. Your initiative has no meaning, he said.

On behalf of Ms. Madrid, Eduardo Fernandez Rubio Censored that Vox would take this request as a motion no law (PnL), with no binding legal effect, when he had a parliamentary key that satisfies the absolute majority of Ayusso’s party: he did it. Never used to force any perceived shortcoming. Political spending so much that they call for the rescue. In all crucial moments he has behaved in an extremely courteous manner, with his ears down and going through the hoop that PP systematically imposed on him.

In Castilla y León you had the opportunity to bring down the government, but you have increased it and appointed a vassal vice president whose sole mission is to be the guarantor of the ideology of your accord and who has done his job to dismantle the staff. Cousin from the chief of; That he beware of his cousins, that later we will find out what happens, he warned, for his part, Jose Luis Gutierrez, of the PSOE, pointing to the businessmen who collected six million from the Madrid City Council using a relative of the mayor as a liaison. They said that the proposal is a big lie and they are only looking for a title.

United We Can They came to compare the situation in Garça-Gallardo to that of the Castilian-Leonese Spanish Office, an institution held by the same person in the Madrid community, Tony Cantt. But, of course, you have broken all records, because without a vice president qualification, two general directors have been removed: one from coordinating social interaction, what that is, and the other from relationship with civil society. why? Because, if you don’t have the qualifications, what are you going to do, drink coffee with civil society? It’s a bit absurd, ironic jacinto morano,

In contrast to the PP, the parties on the left accepted Vox’s premise that the Madrid government was sizable. Among other arguments, he put forward that 2019-nine- has the same number of women directors, but the senior management budget has been increased by 19% to approx. 12 million euros per yearAnd that there are hordes of consultants who don’t even know what they are in for.

The similarity of speeches was the opposite poll result, In the end, United v Cain ended up supporting the PNL to prevent Woakes from launching a campaign that the race was against reducing political spending, Ms Madrid and PSOE did not participate and Ayuso’s representative was singled out by pressing the red button. Remained.

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