The Prosecutor’s Office has confirmed that Oltra discovered a “pre-established plan” to discredit the victim of her ex-husband’s abuse


considers the fact a “strong sign” that everyone investigated in incidents always maintained the same interpretive version of the vice.

Vice-Chairman of the Council, M.
Consell’s Vice President, Manika Oltra.EFE

fiscal Valencia believes that there are “relevant signs” that manika oltra She could have committed the offenses of prejudice, abandonment of minors and omission of duty to prosecute offenses in managing a case of abuse of a minor with her ex-husband under guardianship. This is recognized in a document sent to the Civil and Criminal Chamber on June 1 tsj of the Valencian Community, in which it believes that this body is competent to charge the Vice President of the Valencian Government.

The Public Ministry assured that Oltra outlined a “pre-established plan to discredit the victim and distort her testimony, negating her credibility” in two phases. First, with the “concealment of facts by the agencies of equality council” and in a second with a “process of disqualification of the minor’s credibility”. “A superficial, internal investigation was conducted, in which a line of concealment of facts is believed to be circumstantial”, he assured.

In a 69-page text to which El Mundo had access, it breaks down all actions that had been taken by the girl since condemning the abuse and states that the order, “It is clear that it is not was written, given its principal illegality, but oral” and had one purpose: “the direct beneficiary was louis edwardOltra’s ex-husband, the hierarchical superior of the intervening authorities and a beneficiary, proceeds as far as she has benefited her husband by concealing the abuses and allows him as far as possible political and / Or was an ideal means of escape from the criminal. responsibilities”.

In fact, he suspects that the vice president didn’t know anything about the case until August 4, when he had already been tried. “If everyone in the field of ministry knew that the person condemned for the abuses was the husband of the Vice President and his minister, it is hardly credible that he did not inform them from the earliest moment, and even more so, when her husband was also temporarily suspended.”

“In light of the actions, it can be argued that some officers, technicians, psychologists, etc. were wrong, but they all? They were all wrong? It follows, at the circumstantial level, for the existence of a guideline for all – Action by the authorities, the authorities and those involved – to downplay the importance and hide the abuses,” he says.

The prosecutor’s office describes how the minor denounced the facts and no one transferred them: “Therefore, we have an action that is inconsistent with and incomprehensible to the gravity of the facts,” he affirms. “The Generalitat Valenciana has the guardianship of a minor and not only does not report the facts, but also does not bring them to the attention of the police, nor minors inspector Nor does the administration of justice.” They do so after four months and when the police intervene. whether there was a genuine desire to do so or not. misbehavior”, the prosecutor reiterated.

With regard to the ordered parallel file, the prosecutor sees the purpose of the file as “particularly important”: “a clear indication that the purpose of the file was not to clear up potential errors that may be publicly reported by the users.” Acts related to the guardianship of the minor, but in order to clarify the credibility of the testimony of the minor, all this happened when the facts were being checked in the court since July 28, 2017,” he says.

“Given the development and content of the file on a circumstantial level, it appears that it was filed with the aim of freeing the Generalitat Valenciana and those people and organizations who exercised or interfered with the guardianship of a minor from responsibilities. Curiously , the file was the instructor concluded that the juvenile’s testimony was not credible. The two sentences of the Provincial Court and the two sentences given by the TSJCV were held to the contrary, to the extent that he condemned Luis Ramárez on all three occasions,” he recalls. Is.


It is at this point that he sees signs of bias in the vice president’s actions. “It is noted that the Ministry of Equality pursued the object of discrediting the victim and distorting her testimony, denying her credibility. A guiding thought, which, incidentally, was a verbal statement from the hierarchical superior of all officers, Mrs. Oltra The order has been examined and addressed. For them in the sense that they will act by introducing information parallel to judicial notice to undermine the credibility of the minor.”

The prosecutor understands that, “there is no other way to explain, hide and discredit their behavior. This assumes a pre-established plan. It is clear that this order was not written, given its principal illegality, But verbal. And a strong indication was issued by the said order officer that all the people who participated in the programs always maintained the same explanatory version”.

“For officers of such a diverse nature and range, from juvenile technicians to psychologists, service chiefs and center and regional directors, it is impossible to maintain a single version of events unanimously, which gives a strong indication of the meaning of the said verbal order. is evidence of his arbitrary and unreasonable character, lacking any justification and support in law”, the sentence.

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