The PSC agrees to separatism on a law that excludes 25% of Spanish and recognizes only Catalan as its “own” and “vehicle” language.


The text will be approved in parliament this week, ahead of the deadline set by the TSJC to comply with the sentence that the immersion deadline ends.

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A week before the end of the period set by Catalonia’s Superior Court of Justice (TSJC) to end immersion, the PSC allied itself with separatism to promote a law that would allow for 25% of Spanish in schools. Leaves the application and which determines that Catalan is the language of Catalonia and the vehicle in its educational system.

The bill – which will be approved by urgent process this week so that it sees the light before the ultimatum of justice expires – agreed to come up with a consensus text after weeks of talks by the Socialists, ERC, Junts and Commons has been expressed. which seeks to circumvent the historical regime that has mobilized academic monolingualism in Catalonia. The final words satisfied the party of Carles Puigdemont, who had fallen out of agreement and threatened to end the move.

Far from collecting a percentage of Spanish usage, as the TSJC ruling makes clear, the text maintains – at the request of the Socialists – that Spanish will be used in the terms established by each center’s linguistic projects and that teaching and curriculum Catalan And there must be sufficient attendance in the use of Spanish so that students can acquire oral and written command of the two official languages ​​at the end of compulsory education.

The law establishes that the presence of official languages ​​will be subject to the sociocultural status of the centres, their environmental or linguistic generalization purposes, thus avoiding a requirement imposed by the High Court, which imposes 25% of classes in Spanish. In all schools in the region, which means teaching one and main subject in the common language in all centers without exception and without leaving it to their discretion to implement the norms established by justice.

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