The reason for the bear attack that has gone “viral”: it was against breeding


The male was able to kill another calf that the bear had

Two brown bears take off during a confrontation and are now searching for the female and her cubsWorld
  • animals They find the bear alive facing the male who had woken up in Palencia.

The recent attack of a brown bear on a female with a cub in the Palatine Mountains, which has gone “viral” on social networks and media after being recorded by two nature observers, was due to the fact that The male tries to kill the cubs so that the female can re-enter the heat phaseSomething that is not exceptional in wild animals.

Guillermo Palomero, president of the Brown Bear Foundation, explained in an interview that “Bear feticide is not something that happens every dayBut it is not extraordinary, every year some or the other case comes to the fore.”

Although not all of them are as viral as it was this Sunday in the Palentina Mountains, where a male and female bear attack with a bear cub ended with two adults pushing themselves through a cut in the Palatina Mountains. were separating. Bear, a 217 kg animal, dead.

Since then, the search is on for the woman and the child. found alive-Woman with significant injuries according to blood traces-, in a hard-to-reach cave, – with gallery lengths of more than 15 m, narrower than 80 cm and several vertical wells less than 50 cm in diameter – , at the scene of the attack Closer and possibly in the company of bear cubs.

Guillermo Palomero assures it falls under assault behavior male fertility profile that they do not have access to receptive females, as they are with small offspring, and they decide to kill the offspring so that the female goes into heat.

“The goal was not to kill the bear, but to release its genes. The goal was to kill the calf to force the female to go into heat,” he summarizes. “It is an infanticide, an attempt to kill a calf,” he adds.

In addition, experts handle the hypothesis that The male could kill the other calf that the bear had, since the monitoring of the female confirmed that she had two offspring. “Three days ago we saw her with two offspring and on Sunday we saw her with only one, so it is likely that she killed the other offspring before attacking the female,” Palomero says. “But this is just a hypothesis,” he insists.

The fact that images of the attack – “which is very aggressive and the woman defends herself very well”, according to Palomero, in expert opinion, has gone viral of double interest: one that the scene is “so less seen” and the one who wakes up, especially, among humans.

And that is, if “predators are very attracted to us” in general, then bears are even more attractive and interesting to us because they have meanings to them. This is a good plant grade and every child has a teddy bear.

“That’s why these extraordinary photos go viral,” he says. “But you have to convince them,” Palomero says, because Bears are not stuffed animals, they are wild animals that do this sort of thing.

Palomero believes that “it is good that people see that nature is such and there are moments that can sabotage very human plans”.

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