The Romanian jury condemned that Eurovision canceled its vote for no reason


Due to “technical problems” its presenter cannot intervene to announce the votes during the festival.

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The moment of the Romanian vote.Eurovision Song Contest
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vote of Jury in Romanian Moldova’s favor was “replaced” by a “non-transparently calculated option” at Eurovision on Saturday, Romanian state television TVR has condemned.

“We were unpleasantly surprised to see Vote ignored In the final classification, as the organizers awarded another series of scores to the final contestants,” TVR said in a statement.

“We specify that the Romanian jury has decided to attribute the maximum points representative of moldova“, he elaborated. On Saturday, this country’s twelve points went to Ukraine, which won the competition, instead of going to Moldova.

Romania also expressed regret that “the rules have been modified during the competition”, because Your Presenter Wasn’t “Authorized” Live intervention like most other states to communicate the vote of your country’s jury.

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At Eurovision, each country’s jury points to different countries and spectators vote by phone, Early on Sunday, Eurovision’s organiser, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), pointed to “some patterns”. irregular voting Recognized in the results of the “six passes” in the second semi-final and final.

But he did not specify which states were involved or whether these irregularities could have an impact on India. Final Ranking. “The EBU takes very seriously any alleged attempt to manipulate the vote. Eurovision Song Contest“Hey Silado.

In addition to not being able to vote, the Romanian also observed how the host of the festival in the country, Ada MarcusLive could not intervene to communicate the vote of the Romanian jury.

a video that has gone viral Romanian Shows Marcus in disbelief as he prepares to go live as the gala host calls out the connection. Could not install due to technical reasons.

“What? I don’t believe, I don’t believe!” Marcus says in the video with an expression of dismay and disbelief.

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