The shocking resistance of the lone Ukrainian soldier in the trenches surrounded by grenades and enemies


On social media, a video showed Ukrainian soldiers picking up grenades from Russians and throwing them at them.

Shocking resistance from a Ukrainian soldier surrounded by pro-Russian and grenade blastsWorld
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Fields filled with constant artillery fire, cannon pits and trenches. war in ukraine at this stage is similar to what happened in Europe during first world war, A video posted on the social network proves it.

bad of novotoshkivske, Lugansk, A pro-Russian militia group enters a post after neutralizing most of the defenders. There is only one left behind one of the little “arms” dug into the ground.

The attackers used grenades after an exchange of fire, the Ukrainian responded, drop a bombTry to face the danger. Enemies try again and manage to hit the hiding place, the soldier is hit by an explosion.

Brief moments filmed in his dual role as Beam by a drone and witness one of the many battles taking place in the east of the country.

Ukrainian troops have built several installations with bunkers, tunnels, “covered” walkways. Some were made from bags of wood, cement, clay, sand. They try to take advantage of continuous hits from rockets, mortars and cannons.

The Russians are also building their lines in the southern part, in areas now under their control. Conquering a trench can be very difficult, depending on the weapon’s equipment (machine gun, anti-tank), the accuracy of the gunner’s fire, the nature of the attackers and the defenders.

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