The situation in Las Ventas provokes a reaction of the opposition in the assembly and points to Miguel Abelón: “he is not ready for the job”

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PSOE has put a flurry of questions in front of the government regarding the management. Suspicion of collusion between Plaza 1 and the Center for Bullfighting Affairs, the body in charge of monitoring compliance with the specifications, has been debunked

Live performance at Las Ventas after noon in San IsidroJavier Barbancho

“The Government of the Community of Madrid considers that the Monument or Las Ventas Bullrings in Madrid, declared by Decree 84/1994 of 28 July to be a property of cultural interest with the category of Monument, is located in a state of conservation and maintenance. This What is the historical and cultural complex entitled? This is a question from a battery of petitions made by Diego Cruz, a socialist deputy to the assembly, just after the end of the month-long series of bullfights, just after the end of the San Isidro Fair, in which it became has been clear, among other things, Poor protection of the first bullring in the world,

Cruz has also asked the Culture Commission about public access to the terraces, nightclub licenses and no access to the square’s galleries to participate in live performances. ponzanizacin De las Ventas is the result of a process that began in 2016, when Plaza 1 won an exploitation contest and promised to convert the plaza into a downtown racecourse. Some problems have arisen since the introduction of San Isidro after fulfilling the promise. “I was worried,” Diego Cruz told this newspaper. He seldom went to the bulls “Because I have had a severe cold. My colleagues and some fans have sent me some questions to deal with“. Among them, the management of Miguel Abelón, the managing director of the Center for Bullfighting Affairs, the man of Pablo Casado and a retired bullfighter. According to the socialist deputy, “he is not ready for the task. previous [Manuel ngel Fernndez Mateo]A person from PP who had the interest and knowledge to manage an element Bull and Madrid so important in the world of economy,

The building is at the crossroads. The anticipated renovation that would turn it into a Wijink Center-style multipurpose facility never came. There is also no news of conservation works. “Beyond being a fan of bullfighting or not,” continues Diego Cruz, “we are talking about a wealth of cultural interest. If you combine the state of conservation with poor specifications and the consequences of setting up a nightclub in place, it is unacceptable.,

This newspaper has already reported some irregularities in the statement. It was annulled by the Community’s Public Contract Court. The period was also interrupted by technicians confirming an error in the workers count. A few days ago, the executive commissioned Plaza 1 to take charge of the organization of the festivities pending until the new concession, announced this via a leak to the newspaper. abc, Hours later another businessman offered. “Abellon does not control any of its obligations at all. One of them is the monitoring and control of the contract. If you go through the square, you can see that it is in pathetic condition. Even the arches of this preserved complex are covered with plasterboard to act as a warehouse for the bar. Who knows what Mr. Abelen does. According to the transparency portal, he spends the day visiting the fields. You should not have that role in sales management. This is the work of the seer.”

Is there really any political opposition to the bull fight? “Yes, it exists. I go with associations and clubs that are not party co-religionists. One of our proposals is to revise the Center for Bullfighting Affairs. It’s not a living organ. It’s an elephant cemetery.” Its function should be to test, propose and certify. It is tempting to think that not only does CAT have any control over Plaza 1, but there is collusion.,

Cruz thinks that Nautalia needs money from the bars. “He has expanded. It’s a logical aspiration, but during San Isidro las Ventas he was never the hero of events that have nothing to do with bulls“Don’t you think you’re exaggerating? “Exaggerate? They’re pissing on the Yeo statue! Is this a fan promotion? This is by no means another complaint from hardcore fans. It is the responsibility of the officers to monitor and respond.”

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