The song “I don’t want you to sing”, the long-awaited collaboration between Aitana and Amaiya


Navarran singer’s new album to be released this Friday, May 13

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Frame from the video “The Song I Don’t Want You to Sing”Canada
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the wait is over. this Tuesday Aitana You AmiyaFormer contestants of Operacion Triunfo 2017 published the collaboration their fans deserved on all platforms”the song i don’t want to tell you,

This is a single preview”when i don’t know who i am“, Amaiya’s latest album to be released this Friday, May 13, And four other songs of which are already known: “I invite”, “I want but not”, “Yamaguchi” and “Welcome to the show”.

The publication of the collaboration of two former contestants caused a stir on social networks. Some singers’ fans have noted Aitana’s absence in the videoThat’s only her name appears in a perfume, which is not liked.

Also, the song related to heartbreak has gone viral thanks to this phrase: “you wanna be my friend, eat me figs,

video, directed by Virgil Zuberofrom the same production company thatbadly” from rosal Which had an international impact.

The different frames are accompanied by the lyrics of the song which is about breakup. “Here’s your song, the rest of your stuff in the living room boxes,” he begins as he clears the room and, taking out the cigarette, he continues, “smoke in my room.”

In the video you can see radio cassettes, synthesizer music… while you can guess from the clothes of the artist that he is not at his best. It’s amazing how clean the whole house is.

Throughout the song, there are messages left unconscious And, at the end of the video, you can read: “I doubt that crybaby will get the cake’s message, so we better eat it ourselves.”

The song, in addition to Aitana and Amaya, features as co-writers. c.tightness You alizez, As can be read in the credits.

The winner of Operasin Triumph 2017 “Published” the album in 2019but nothing happens“Who” universal Which became the number one seller. The singer signed with the record company after passing from Eurovis With “Your Song” in 2018.

For its part, Aitana is going star in a movie For Netflix About a singer who offends her neighbor who needs complete silence to function. This argument has reminded Twitter of a story told by Ana Mena, another OT contestant, in the building where she lived.

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