The Spanish Rugby Federation initiates legal proceedings after learning of Romanian Jason Tomen’s erratic status


New Zealand native Jason Tomen has been playing with Romania since November 2021, but he spent more time in Hungary than allowed in the summer of 2019, as reported by EL Mundo. The Romanian team justifies this by citing an “extraordinary situation”.

Jason Tomen during the 2021 European Championship.
Jason Tomen during the 2021 European Championship.Vasile Mihai-AntonioWorld
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legal team of federacin espaola de rugby Considers filing an appeal in the next few weeks world rugby After hearing news published by World in respect of possible irregularities committed by Romanian while aligning Jason Tomane,

“Following the news reported by the newspaper ‘El Mundo’ this Tuesday about possible doubts or irregularities in the qualification of New Zealander Jason Tomen by Romania, the Spanish Rugby Federation (FER) announced that it has accepted this information as its legal The Spanish Federation said in its statement that they are the ones who continue the process against the Romanian Federation and World Rugby.

The Federation understands that there are parallels between the case published by this medium and the situation in the previous April Gavin Van Den Burgo, Spain’s team has been denied participation in the World Cup due to a discrepancy in the passport of a player of South African origin. In particular, they were pictures of a wedding who revealed that the player had spent more than 60 days outside Spanish borders in the years prior to making his debut with the national team.

Similar is the case of Jason Toman. The player must live outside Romanian territory, especially in HungaraAbout three months during the summer of 2019. Despite this, debut in November 2021 Netherlands, After the above meeting, it was against the game Portugal, Spain and Georgia, the fact that both are near space Schengen does not exempt the player as stated by World Rugby in its jurisprudence.

“exceptional circumstances”

Romanian argue that the situation tomane It is legal because World Rugby knows about it. “According to Romanian law, in order to obtain a valid residence visa for our country, the applicant must apply from outside the country. In all matters relating to eligibility, the case study was carried out by the World Rugby Regulation Commission, which confirmed and supported exceptional circumstances that caused the player to be out of the country longer than permitted, while circumstances completely unrelated to the player prolonged the player’s visa application process,” he explains.

It is not determined in case of any irregularity in the alignment of the tomane. When Romania files a complaint against Spain for the alignment of Gavin van den Berg, it does so out of time. However, the international federation understands that, since the Romanians were not aware of the situation, the crime has not been determined until a Russian media picked up the news.

In other words, it was believed that the statute of limitations for irregularities committed by Spain began to operate when Romania became aware of the facts, and not from the moment they occurred. Now, the Spanish Federation can use the same logic to hear its request.

If the matter is resolved favorably for Spain, the selection led santi santos Won’t get straight to the World Cup, but they have to go repechage, In order to finish second it is necessary for World Rugby to consider the Spanish appeal in relation to the Van den Berg case, otherwise it would be Portugal Who will go to the World Cup?

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